Enterprise Blockchain Conference Australia-Brisbane 2022

Brisbane, July 18, 2022

Brisbane Australia

Australian businesses, professionals and developers bridging the gap between using blockchain solutions to solve real-world problems.


About this event

Elas, Keyi Tech, Panda Angel and Blockchain Metaverse Association INC are proud to host the Enterprise Blockchain Conference Australia at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, Southbank on the 18th and 19th of July, 2022.

Day 1 is a full day conference that involves drinks and networking throughout and the completion of the day.

Day 2 is a Developers Workshop. Both events will be fully catered for and free of charge for confirmed attendees.

The conference, on the 18th of July, is designed to provide attendees with a comprehensive understanding of what blockchain technology can offer and how it works for new or existing businesses, as well as insights into the benefits of using Blockchain, such as minimizing overheads and intermediaries and maximizing cybersecurity measures to improve the daily operation of your organisation.

The conference will highlight new blockchain innovation and new product launches from aspiring Australian business. Highlighting how this technology can disrupt industries such as, Supply-Chain Management, Networking and Social Innovation, Internet of Things, Financial Services, and Data management; just to name a few.

We are delighted to have 4 special guests, Dr Cynthia Cai, a Senior Lecturer from Macquarie University discussing her research into Triple-entry accounting with Blockchain. Lisa Li, the head of the BSV Hub-China who has an influential network in the blockchain community both in Australia and in China, Robert Lee from the Blockchain Metaverse Association INC, discussing Bitcoin Mining and Michael Choi founder of Panda Angel, talking about his new blockchain product launch.

The Bitcoin SV Developers workshop on the 19th of July, will cover new tools and developments in the Blockchain space. This includes, tools (but not limited to) such as Bitcoin Script, sCrypt, smart contracts and NFT’s. We will have several international virtual speakers, including, Xiaohui Liu, who will be educating developers about the launch of a smart contract transpiler, which is a conversion tool for converting Ethereum’s Solidity into the equivalent sCrypt code.

We welcome all blockchain enthusiasts, professionals, researchers and developers to come learn, discuss and network with pioneers in the blockchain space here in Australia

Once registered you will be sent a link to our website to access the event schedule and speakers!