Global Blockchain Summit

Bataan, Philippines, October 13, 2022

Bataan, Philippines with tourists taking pictures in front of the Las casas filipinas cathedral

The blockchain is touted as the most significant technological innovations that have already captivated a good chunk of major industries. There has been an exponential growth in the adoption of blockchain technology in the past few years.

Centralizing & Protecting a Decentralized Digital Technology by building & enabling reforms on the digital economy foundation. Equipping human capital with regulations, tech and educ skills, and mitigation risks, as innovation roadmap to realize the greatest value of a “digital economy, digital entrepreneurship, & e-governance”. Linking together the government units, academia, & private sectors in shaping smarter, more inclusive, competitive and resilient economy across regions in the Philippine Archipelago and beyond.

Through Blockchain, Bataan, an economic zone in the Philippines has taken steps to attract emerging digital economies seeking to become the country’s digital currency and blockchain hub with the passing of a new Act that allows the local regulator to oversee the industry.