Hello Metanet – Bitcoin Developer Workshop

Berlin, December 2, 2022

Berlin Skyline

Workshop: Learn & Build on Bitcoin SV

Hello Metanet, 6th edition
2-4 December 2022



  • Siggi Óskarsson | BUX
  • Mihael Šinkec | sCrypt.io
  • talks from participants
  • more, stay tuned


Target audience

Developers of all shapes and sizes – but also non-developers, interested in understanding what possibilities the bitcoin computer can offer.


General approach

Learning by doing: building together things on top of bitcoin. Doing so by alternating phases of /building /hacking /learning with phases of presentation where we present to the group what we have learned/achieved. Sprinkle in some live talks for inspiration.



Get together for a weekend in Berlin, learn, build and have fun doing so.


How to join

Tickets are limited. Please apply via mail to [email protected]

See for details and updates here: B2029.org/hello-metanet