Metanet Techtalk @ B2029

Berlin, October 13, 2022


As you may know, B2029 is all about Bitcoin, and we consider Bitcoin SV being the implementation of Bitcoin.

For those who are interested in learning what Bitcoin SV is all about and what makes it unique, you are invited to join our talk “Introduction to Bitcoin (SV)” before the main talk.

Also: This is the 3 year anniversary of the Metanet Techtalk, so maybe we’ll do something special!



  • 19:00 Open doors
  • 19:30 Talk: Introduction to Bitcoin (SV)
  • 20:00 Talk: tbd
  • 20:30 Lightning Talks
  • 20:45 – open end: Drinks, snacks and discussions.


Snacks and refreshments provided by the Bitcoin Association.

Every 2nd Thursday of the month:

Come and join us to learn about technologies, products, developments and maybe some gossip in the Bitcoin SV economy.


You will:

  • get to know interesting people!
  • have interesting discussions!
  • enjoy the evening, may be even have fun!