NextGen Construction Event

United Kingdom, May 26, 2022

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Inspiring Construction’s Next Generation


About this event

NextGen Construction

Hey, what’s up? Glad you’re here.

Ah yes, NextGen Construction. The conference aims to educate the construction industry about how to attract, retain & incentivise the next generation. We all know 16 year old’s aren’t naturally enticed to join the industry, so we must change.

Our culture must change. Our communications must change. Our old habits must change.

This evolved from board room discussions we had with industry executives (video link at the bottom). They were just normal chats that we recorded and published on LinkedIn, but the engagement was huge. Thousands of LinkedIn views, 50+ DM’s from new people looking to join.

An event was the only option.

We have selected speakers that have a genuine interest in this subject. People who are keen for change against industry norms.


Who’s speaking?

  • Danny Meaden, Lendlease
  • Nicola Coppen, Westminster Council/Roles4Goals
  • Jimmy Quinn, Multiplex
  • Steve Kerslake, Construction Sport
  • Kara Thompson, Vengrove
  • Tiernan Dixon, Rocket Communications & BITAx Vice-Chairman
  • Malcolm Gaskin, Former executive at Ogilvy, Leo Burnett.



The Lexi Cinema 194b Chamberlayne Road Kensal Rise London NW10 3JU.