Part 1: IPv6 Enhanced Innovation Global Vision

Online, September 1, 2022

Earth view from outerspace

A number of ETSI ISG IPE and global industry leaders will discuss the current IPv6 status and the future perspectives and identify needs in terms of guidelines, policies and functional evolution. An approach from the 90 members of ISG IPE and interaction with other SDOs will identify benefits and reuse of each other’s output. This includes the IETF, Operators, Verticals and government policies that are key to define the varied co-operation toward a common strategy and to accelerate the IP industry evolution.

  1. Opening speech
  2. IPE status and plan, Latif Ladid (ISG IPE Chair) – 10 minutes
  3. IPv6-based Blockchain Vision, Dr. Craig Wright, nChain – 15 minutes
  4. IPE and IETF synergy, Pascal Thubert (Cisco) – 15 minutes
  5. German public sector IPv6 transition, Constanze Buerger, BMI Germany – 15 minutes
  6. IPv6 and SRv6 experience and expectations, T. Graff, Swisscom – 15 minutes
  7. Q&A