The Bitcoin Masterclasses

Ljubljana, Slovenia, February 22, 2023

Ljubljana, Slovenia skyline

Reserve your seat now for The Bitcoin Masterclass #2 – in Ljubljana

Join us for The Bitcoin Masterclasses, hosted by Dr Craig S Wright. This 2-day immersive course will be brought to you each month to help you understand the fundamentals of the Bitcoin blockchain and the technology behind it. The Bitcoin Masterclasses will give you a comprehensive overview of the history, the theory and the design of Bitcoin. Dr Craig will be discussing the future of Bitcoin and the unbounded scalability of nChain’s blockchain solutions with potential use cases across several industries.


Multicast and IP2IP

This masterclass will cover the basic constructs and networking foundations concerning both IPv6 and the use of multicast, and foster conversation in the Bitcoin space.


Who is this course for?

  • Developers, entrepreneurs, creators and those interested in exploring Bitcoin solutions for enterprise & goverments.
  • Individuals who are new to the space and keen to gain a true understanding of Bitcoin and blockchain technology.
  • Bitcoin enthusiasts who would like to deepen their knowledge and discover how Bitcoin can be leveraged for real-world application.