Warsaw Bitcoin SV Meetup

Warszawa Poland, June 7, 2022

Poland Skyline

About this event

The Bitcoin Association invites you to a first Bitcoin SV Warsaw meetup for an evening of networking and blockchain-based gaming run by the Coingeek Bitcade, featuring companies & games such as Haste Arcade, PowChess, FYX Gaming and Duro Dogs.

Come and join the Bitcoin SV Blockchain-based play-2-earn games.

By attending this event you will be assisted in on-boarding to the Bitcoin SV wallet HandCash, and given some Satoshi’s for you to be able to play games and have a chance to earn

Take part in the interactive leaderboard, where the winner of each Haste Arcade Game will win up to $250.

The event is powered by the Bitcoin SV blockchain which is capturing global attention with its massive scaling, rapid growth and powerful technical capabilities. Bitcoin SV is the ideal platform to support the large-scale needs of eSports and blockchain-based gaming.