Highlights: Day Three of BSV Global Blockchain Convention in Dubai

By Press Release Published: May 27, 2022
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As the convention came to a close, experts dove into the adoption of blockchain throughout Africa, how policy can complement the technology, and the protocol’s cybersecurity potential

Dubai 27 May, 2022 ‒ The BSV Global Blockchain Convention in Dubai came to a close on Thursday as speakers and panelists provided audience members with the latest developments in the BSV blockchain industry. With more than 2,000 attendees and 100 participating businesses in attendance, discussions throughout the convention covered regulatory compliance, blockchain growth in Africa, functions within Islamic finance, and cybersecurity.

Following up on yesterday, association Founding President Jimmy Nguyen inducted more winners of the “Blockchain Excellence Awards,” including:

  • E. Suhail Mohamed Al Mazrouei at the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure
  • Omar Ahmed, Operations Director for Cargo at Emirates Group
  • E. Eng Ali Bin Towaih Al Suwaidi, Director General at AFZ

For those who could not attend in-person or virtually but are interested in catching up on day one and day two, a recording of the entire conference and subsequent sessions are available at https://coingeek.com/.

Key highlights and announcements from the sessions include:

sCrypt inc. explained how to convert applications built on other blockchains in less than an hour

Xiaohui Liu, Founder & CEO of sCrypt inc. talked about how the sCrypt code enables smart contracts to be seamlessly converted to BSV to create a new funnel of adoption. Now, if a developer has already built on Ethereum and chooses to move to Bitcoin SV, it can be completed in less than one hour versus rewriting the full code.

A panel of executives provided insight into how blockchain must comply with Islamic finance

In a panel featuring leaders focused on banking, blockchain infrastructure, and tourism in the Middle East, the group discussed the importance of modern technology infrastructure to fit within Halal guidelines in order for this infrastructure to be accepted in Islamic-majority countries.

VX Technologies announced healthcare capabilities for the African continent

VX Technologies is a verified health record company that provides vaccination certificates secured and verified on blockchain. The company announced today that it is rolling out a vaccine tracking application that will be available throughout Africa.

In the context of what is needed for this to work, the company’s president Justin Pauly said, “The positive effects of digital sovereignty are endless, but we won’t be able to achieve them without scale.”

An artist designed and minted an NFT to represent the convention

NFT artist Ulysses XYZ was invited to the convention to create an NFT that represents productive dialogue and expresses the excitement about blockchain among attendees. Guests who participated wrote their names or drew designs that were then combined to create the final piece. The NFT is now available for purchase on the FabriikX.

A keynote panel about the future world of blockchain

In a panel featuring prominent blockchain thought leaders, including nChain’s Craig Wright, speakers dove into the vision of how blockchain will influence global communities.

The panel also touched upon constant media and industry speculation on the price volatility of cryptocurrencies, to which Jimmy Nguyen, Founding President of the BSV Blockchain Association said: “It’s not that BSV digital asset holders don’t care about the rise or fall in price…it’s that we care about the price rising for the right reasons – which is real world functionality and providing solutions that benefit businesses and individuals.”

For those interested in catching up on the convention, you can visit coingeek.com or CoinGeek’s YouTube channel to view each day’s recordings.

And last but not least, be sure to stay tuned for news and announcements for the next BSV Global Convention, which will be headed to London for 2023!


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