Bitcoin SV Devcon 2020 – Day 1

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By Alex Speirs Published: June 30, 2020
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The inaugural Bitcoin SV Devcon is now just two weeks away. As we get nearer, Bitcoin Association takes a closer look at the sessions planned for the first day and the speakers due to deliver them.

There’s never been a better time than now to learn about Bitcoin SV, and with Bitcoin SV DevCon 2020, there’s never been an easier way. Over two days, blockchain pioneers and leaders in the Bitcoin community will lead educational sessions spanning the breadth of the Bitcoin SV ecosystem.

The first day of the Bitcoin SV DevCon 2020 starts at 4:00pm CEST on July 18 and will focus predominantly on network theory, covering a range of technical aspects of the Bitcoin protocol.  


Session 1: Economic incentives and the Bitcoin network
4:20 pm CEST

For Bitcoin to be a self-sustaining network, there must be underlying economic incentives that drive transaction processors and node operators to continue to invest.  The structure of these incentives, how they operate – both in theory and in practice – as well as the way in which they evolve over time, will all be covered in the first session of Bitcoin SV Devcon 2020 by Brendan Lee, Training & Development Manager at Bitcoin Association.


Session 2: Miner fee calculation and merchant API – new tools for the Bitcoin SV network
5:10 pm CEST

Building on the first session, the second – led by nChain R&D software engineer, Jad Wahab – will look at how the economic incentives play out in a practical sense – both now and in the future – covering the various fees and charges levied across the network. Central to this session will be m-API, also known as Merchant API, an interface between miners and applications on the Bitcoin SV network which plays a pivotal role in the economic scaling of the network.


Session 3: Nodes and the Bitcoin network
6:00 pm CEST

 nChain’s Director of Research, Owen Vaughn will lead the third session of the first day, which will focus on the structure of the Bitcoin network and its underlying architecture. Vaughn’s session will examine the structure of the Bitcoin network as defined by Section 5 of the Bitcoin white paper, considering the different components and actors which make up the network, the roles that they play, and how this understanding can be used to frame development for the Bitcoin SV network.


Session 4: Bitcoin: Ledger vs Blockchain
6:50 pm CEST

Leading the fourth session of the first day is Evan Freeman, an experienced technology educator and researcher, now working for Bitcoin Association as a Curriculum Specialist. In his session, Freeman will detail the differences and nuances between the Bitcoin SV blockchain and public ledger, as well as explore the possibilities that its technology offers for unlocking a more inclusive and expansive digital economy.


Session 5: Intermediate Bitcoin Script
7:40 pm CEST

Despite being seen as scary and difficult by many, Bitcoin Script is a simple, versatile, and powerful tool that can be used to build applications for the Bitcoin SV network. Promising to help ‘tame the dragon one loop iteration at a time’, in this session, nChain CTO Steve Shadders will break down the different elements of Bitcoin Script into more manageable components and explore the various possibilities it represents for development on the network.


Session 6: Fireside chat with Dr. Craig S. Wright
8:30 pm CEST

The first day of Bitcoin SV DevCon 2020 concludes with a session that promises to be equal parts informative and entertaining, as Bitcoin creator Dr. Craig S. Wright will share the virtual stage with Steve Shadders for a frank and honest chat about the origins of Bitcoin and developing for its blockchain. With the focus of the DevCon being on developers, the conversation will centre around Bitcoin Script – the programming language built into Bitcoin and re-enabled with Bitcoin SV’s Genesis hard fork – with Dr. Wright discussing both its origins and power.  


The Bitcoin SV DevCon 2020, held in partnership with nChain and powered by WeAreDevelopers, takes place on July 18-19 and is free to attend. To find out more and reserve your place, click below.