Bitcoin SV Devcon 2020 – Day 2

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By Alex Speirs Published: July 7, 2020

The inaugural Bitcoin SV Devcon is now less than two weeks away. As we get nearer, Bitcoin Association takes a closer look at the sessions scheduled for the second day and the speakers set to deliver them.


There’s never been a better time than now to learn about Bitcoin SV, and with Bitcoin SV DevCon 2020, there’s never been an easier way. Over two days, blockchain pioneers and leaders from across the Bitcoin community will lead educational sessions spanning the breadth of the Bitcoin SV ecosystem.


The second day of the Bitcoin SV Devcon 2020 starts at 4:00pm CEST on July 19 and is designed to develop practical skills for building on the Bitcoin SV blockchain, with a range of tools demonstrated and pragmatic approaches to development presented.


Session 1: Business sensibilities when developing for Bitcoin
4:00 pm CEST


Building a business is about having more than just a winning idea or a great application, it requires long-term planning and attention paid to areas that aren’t always front of mind for developers. In the first session of the day, Joshua Henslee, an expert in ERP systems now working for Bitcoin Association, will examine different business models and plans for Bitcoin applications, as well as a range of tools that are commonly used to support business functions for developers.


Session 2: Connect API for Bitcoin SV applications
4:50 pm CEST


Intertwining economics with the internet is the true power of Bitcoin, with cheap, fast, and efficient micropayments on the Bitcoin SV unlocking a host of new opportunities for business. Integrating these capabilities into apps and websites has never been easier with the HandCash Connect SDK – a simple method for opening a range of new revenue streams. HandCash CTO Rafa Jiménez will cover the technical aspects of the HandCash Connect SDK and demonstrate how it can be implemented by developers.


Session 3: Run on Bitcoin
5:40 pm CEST


Run CEO Brenton Gunning says that building an app on the Bitcoin SV blockchain couldn’t be easier – and he’s going to prove it. Gunning will lead a workshop focused on the Run SDK, which will be used to build a working application from scratch during the session, while showing how the Run SDK can be integrated with existing tools and protocols.


Session 4: Introduction to sCrypt – a smart contract language for Bitcoin SV
6:30 pm CEST


An ability to understand, use, and implement smart contracts are some of the most desirable commercial skills in the blockchain space. In this session, sCrypt CEO Liu Xiaohui will give an overview of smart contracts on Bitcoin, with a focus on the sCrypt language. Liu will also show how to write and debug sCrypt contracts in an IDE, in addition to testing and deploying sCrypt contracts.


Session 5: Introduction to TXT
7:20 pm CEST


For data to have value, it must be accessible and it must be useful, but achieving that remains a challenge. Planaria’s Glenn Wolfe will present on different methodologies for storing, organizing, and managing Bitcoin transactions on the TXT platform using semantic metadata – a new tool for managing the superior data capacity and capabilities offered by the Bitcoin SV blockchain.


Session 6: Panel – Using services for success on Bitcoin SV
8:05 pm CEST


Building on the Bitcoin SV blockchain doesn’t mean starting from scratch or reinventing the wheel. Already, a range of tools are available to developers which present the building blocks for developing applications that capitalize on the unique advantages of the Bitcoin SV blockchain. For the closing session of Bitcoin SV Devcon 2020, Bitcoin Association’s Brendan Lee will lead a panel featuring the minds behind some of the most widely used Bitcoin SV toolsets – Tokenized CEO James Belding, Money Button CEO Ryan X. Charles, and Codugh CEO Shashank Singhal – for a discussion on how existing services can be leveraged for a more efficient development process.


The Bitcoin SV DevCon 2020, held in partnership with nChain and powered by WeAreDevelopers, takes place on July 18-19 and is free to attend. To find out more and reserve your place, click below.