Interview: Connor Murray of Britevue

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By Alex Speirs Published: February 6, 2021
Connor Murray of Britevue

Bitcoin Association spoke with Connor Murray, CEO of britevue and the newest addition to the Bitcoin SV Academy team. He discussed what he hopes to accomplish in the role and how he expects the experience to influence his business career.

Within the Bitcoin SV ecosystem, Connor Murray is a well-known figure. The britevue CEO has never been one to shy away from the media, formerly hosting a pair of podcasts and frequently contributing analytical and explanative content to CoinGeek – when his busy business schedule allows of course.

Now, with Bitcoin Association, Murray hopes to draw from across his varied experience to help the world better understand the original Bitcoin protocol.

‘I’ve had a passion for education in this space since I first discovered it, but a real issue has been the lack of access to good quality education about the true nature of Bitcoin,’ says Murray.

‘Bitcoin is a complex system spanning several different disciplines – and one that is capable of so much more than most people understand. That’s what makes Bitcoin SV Academy such an important initiative, as it helps to introduce new developers, entrepreneurs and investors to the real power of Bitcoin.’

In his new role with Bitcoin Association, Murray will be working as a content creator with the Bitcoin SV Academy team – the recently launched dedicated Bitcoin SV online education platform – focused on the Bitcoin Theory and Bitcoin Development streams.

‘I am hoping to contribute all of the knowledge I can to help others learn as much about Bitcoin as I have,’ says Murray.

‘Education allows developers and entrepreneurs to broaden their understanding and learn how Bitcoin can change existing markets beyond just microtransactions.’

Despite already possessing an enviable knowledge of Bitcoin and experience building with its blockchain, Murray had himself already taken the Introduction to Bitcoin Theory course at Bitcoin SV Academy when offered a chance to join the team – an experience which made the offer one he couldn’t refuse.

‘I was delighted to accept the opportunity to help others – both those already in this space and those new to Bitcoin – through the high-quality content provided by the Bitcoin SV Academy,’ he says.

‘Of course, I’ve still got a lot to learn myself, but I hope to get a little bit closer to mastering Bitcoin each day by sharing my experience and teaching others. In that sense, I view the Academy as an extension of what I already do in my free time – learn more about Bitcoin and apply those learnings to our business.’

Murray – like many of the team involved with developing the curriculum and the creating content for Bitcoin SV Academy – counts himself both as an academic and an entrepreneur. Having curriculum leaders with real-world experience developing applications with Bitcoin SV and then applying them in a business setting is a unique point of difference for the Academy – coupling theoretical learnings with practical understandings to help develop well-rounded blockchain professionals.

‘From my own experience, britevue has forced me to think more pragmatically about Bitcoin, and I expect Bitcoin SV Academy to teach me in unexpected ways too,’ says Murray.

Britevue – an online reviews platform powered by the Bitcoin SV blockchain – began life as an entry in the Bitcoin SV Hackathon, True Reviews, with a goal of improving the crowded online review space. Users pay a small micropayment to write high-quality and accurate reviews of local businesses – data which they own and which lives on the Bitcoin SV blockchain. Subsequent users who find that review useful can then reward the post – which also attracts a small fee – the bulk of which then goes back to the initial reviewer.

‘With Britevue, there are a ton of things that I know Bitcoin can do that we want to implement, but ultimately the user experience trumps everything,’ says Murray.

‘Building a business that uses Bitcoin is cool, but ultimately we want an application that my grandmother (who doesn’t have Bitcoin) can use.’

Since receiving venture investment from Ayre Ventures last year, Murray has been hard at work building out his unique, consumer-focused business – set to launch later in 2021 – all the while preparing for his new role with Bitcoin SV Academy – two pillars he anticipates will be a big part of a big year.

‘I hope in particular that the work I do with the Academy will help our business make the right Bitcoin-related decisions,’ he says.

‘I count myself fortunate that I happened to stumble into this world with the right connections and educational resources, now I feel that it’s my turn to give some of that back and help others get initiated into this world of Bitcoin with Bitcoin SV Academy.’