The Bitcoin Association is dedicated to advancing business with Bitcoin SV. We’re giving entrepreneurs and innovators a chance to pitch their BSV start-up business idea to investors on 18th February 2020 in London, United Kingdom (exact location TBC closer to the date).

All BSV-related ventures are welcome to apply for consideration. You will be sharing your ideas with a range of potential investors.

From the Pitch Day participants, 3 ventures will also be selected to present their pitch to a bigger audience on-stage on Day 1 of the CoinGeek London conference, on 21st February 2020. [Note that all Pitch Day participants will be considered for investment, not just the 3 selected to do a main-stage presentation.]

We are seeking ventures and commercial projects that meet these criteria:
  1. Building ground-breaking tools, applications or services on or using the Bitcoin SV (BSV) blockchain.
  2. Leverage BSV’s unique properties (massive scaling to enable high volumes of transactions at speed, for very low transaction fees, and with benefits of using a public blockchain).
  3. Projects with enterprise use cases are strongly encouraged, though we will also consider applications focused on consumer use.
We recommend pitch decks provide the following areas of information (in any order applicants feel is best):
  • Product/company overview
    • What problem(s) does your product solve?
    • How does your product use the BSV coin and blockchain?
    • Current product state, including user/product metrics [if any]
  • Competitive landscape
    • Evaluation of the competitive marketplace
    • Unique selling point of your product
    • What is the greatest risk to the success of your product?
    • Does your company/product have any significant intellectual property assets?
  • Future plans
    • Product roadmap
    • High-level business plan – including target users and revenue model
  • Investment
    • Description of any prior investment rounds
    • How much money are you seeking to raise now?
    • How will investment funds be used?
    • What is the proposed pre-money and post-money valuation for your venture?
  • Founders and key team
    • Background of founders and key team members
    • Any prior experience running or launching a business, and results
    • Any experience building Bitcoin or blockchain products
Below are the important dates & facts for you to remember:
  • Submit your application information (including investment pitch deck) by 31st December 2019.
  • You will be notified by January 15th if you have made the cut to participate in Pitch Day.
  • Pitch your BSV idea to the best minds in the Bitcoin industry during Pitch Day in February 2020.  All Pitch Day participants are responsible for their own travel expenses to attend.
  • Please note that participating in Pitch Day does not guarantee investment by any investors (though we certainly hope ventures get funded!)

Take part in the 2nd Bitcoin Association Pitch Day by filling out the form below.