CCF China Blockchain Conference

Hainan, China, December 24, 2021

Hainan, China

Sponsored by the Chinese Computer Society (CCF), jointly organized by the Blockchain Professional Committee of the Chinese Computer Society and Hainan University, and co-organized by the China Science and Technology Institute of Data Science, the 2021CCF China Blockchain Technology Conference (CCF CBCC2021, conference number: CCF-21 -TC35-01Np) will be held in Haikou , Hainan from December 24-27 .{}

The conference will invite experts, scholars and entrepreneurs from universities, industries, financial institutions, governments and other blockchain fields to talk about the development of blockchain technology through specially invited theme reports, technical forums, paper presentations, and special forums. Provide a professional communication platform for blockchain technology and industrial applications.

Speaker: Lise Li – CEO, Keyi Tech Head, BSV Hub-China

Topic: Enterprise and Government Use Cases on BSV Blockchain

Speaker: Wei Zhang – Senior Researcher, nChain

Topic: UTXO Set as A Status Protocol

Event date: Dec. 25-27, 2021

Hosted by: China Computer Federation (CCF)