VNNIC Internet Conference

Vietnam, June 22, 2022

Vietnam Skyline

VNNIC Internet Conference is a series of events which specialize in technical solutions, future technologies for operating, managing and developing Internet resources and critical Internet infrastructures towards stable and secured Internet, contributing to digital transformation in Viet Nam.

With the spirit of “Internet for all”, the event gathered more than 300 experts in Internet, network operation, technology, in Viet Nam and worldwide, creating a new forum for Viet Nam’s Internet community, where experts meet and share their vision and mission to create opportunities for operation and development.

“The future of Internet” is chosen as theme of the event to discuss major issues and solutions for Viet Nam’s Internet in the context of recovering from COVID-19 pandemic. The focus is composed of some keynote speeches on “Future of Internet”, “5G/6G network on IPv6 new generation Internet address with IoT, Cloud Computing”, “Blockchain and future of Internet”.