Faces of BSV: Francesco Morello氏

At #CGSeoul, we are delighted to meet Francesco Morello, Director and Founder of Morello International, who shared how he got involved with Bitcoin SV and what can BSV do for his business. […]


Learn more about the Bitcoin Association’s 3rd Bitcoin SV Hackathon. Build amazing solutions on the BSV blockchain and win US$100,000 in BSV prizes. […]

Faces of BSV: Daniel Lee氏

At #CGSeoul, we had the chance to meet Bitcoin Association member and BSVKorea.com Manager Daniel Lee who is working hard on disseminating the benefits of the Bitcoin SV blockchain to more South Koreans. […]

ピッチデーインタビュー: Loggeru

At BSV Venture Pitch Day London, Andrew Kondelin pitched to the investors his business Loggeru – a distributed identity management system for use in applications built on Bitcoin SV. […]

Faces of BSV: Ekhard Seeßelberg氏

We are delighted to meet Ekhard Seeßelberg, the founder of Hello Metanet andthe organizer of hugely successful Bitcoin SV meetups in Germany. […]

Faces of BSV: Connor Murray氏

At #CGSeoul, we are delighted to meet Connor Murray, CEO of TrueReviews, a platform that seeks to create a fairer and more effective way of leaving and gathering consumer reviews using Bitcoin SV. […]

Bitcoin Association、スイスの非営利団体となる

スイスのチューリッヒにて、Bitcoin Associationの創設者・会長であるジミー・グエン氏が、ビットコインのビジネス界におけるさらなる普及を目指すというビジョンに向けての次のステップとして、Bitcoin Associationがスイスの非営利団体となるという旨の特別発表を行いました。 […]