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Block Dojo
  London, England, United Kingdom (On-site)
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Nurturing and supporting start-ups that will change the world.

We handle the annoying hassle of starting a company, so that our entrepreneurs can focus on their tech solution or service and iterate quickly to achieve faster traction.

About the job

Starting a new blockchain business? You don’t have to go it alone.

Block Dojo is an in-person incubator in London. We run a 12-week programme for early-stage start-ups looking to leverage the power of blockchain.

In Europe, 50% of startups fail in the first three years*. Evidence shows joining an incubator or accelerator increases your chances of success and shortens the time to reach your seed and series A funding rounds.

The Dojo surrounds you with a team of successful and seasoned entrepreneurs to help you avoid the many pitfalls and barriers to success. We also provide access to our ecosystem of 3,000+ angel and venture capital investors, 130 mentors, blockchain developers and vast connections to potential clients across many industries.

Block Dojo is the UK’s top blockchain incubator having secured 24% of all UK blockchain funding rounds in 2022 (Beauhurst).


We are looking for pre-revenue start-ups in the blockchain space to partner with us. We offer the following:

  • £10K upon joining the programme to cover 3 months of living expenses in London
  • £100K in services, support, and mentoring provided throughout the 12-week programme
  • 100 hours of developer time to help build your prototype/MVP
  • We aim to raise £150K in pre-seed investment from our angel and VC network to help you achieve your first milestones
  • We then help you raise a further £1.4M seed funding after circa 12 months if milestones are achieved
  • You will gain access to our network of 130+ mentors and 3,500+ angel investors/VCs
  • £100k in Google Cloud credits and £10k AWS cloud credits
  • You will be part of a supportive alumni network of fellow founders and our growing ecosystem for ongoing support beyond the programme.


We are looking for founders who have one or more of the following attributes:

  • Have lived through the problems they are aiming to solve with their business and technology, with a deep understanding of their customer’s needs and how to make change happen
  • Deep expertise in your field of work, be it in research or a specific industry
  • Desire to collaborate and learn from our mentors and team and not afraid to pivot if research and customer feedback points you in another direction
  • Entrepreneurial mindset – drive and resilience to succeed, ability to iterate quickly, deliver outputs, learn and adapt fast. And above all, the tenacity to succeed.

We are interested in hearing from those with a technical or commercial background. You can be a sole founder or a small team. Our non-negotiables are that one of your founding team must be present in the Dojo Monday to Thursday for the full 12 weeks to get the full benefit of the programme.