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eSports platform for the future.

FYX Gaming is looking for an amazing and passionate Full Stack React and React Native Software Developer who likes the idea of participating in cutting-edge innovation in a disciplined and economically sound way as a key team member of a 100% remote team building a blockchain gaming platform, then you may be the candidate we’re looking for. In addition to the technical experience listed below, the ideal candidate has experience interacting with blockchain and protocol knowledge of cryptocurrency.

Additionally, we are looking for candidates with high EQ who make good teammates. We work with an Agile, Lean, and DevOps philosophy where we all take responsibility for the outcome and build our process to achieve that outcome together. Our ideal candidate uses good architectural principles and cares deeply about technical excellence, while understanding we are a startup charting unknown waters and so must have a high tolerance for ambiguity and enjoy turning unknowns into knowns and finally, actions.



Skill sets:

Communication: Ability to work with a team and communicate issues as they arrive. Ability to follow up a commitment and execute. Ability to help others when needed and ask for help as well. General OK to work in Agile Environment. Ability to test and create test plans for bug fixing and prevent side effects when implementing a fix.



  • JSX – Ability to fully utilize to full extent JSX in order to take full advantage of API design with regards to scaling.
  • Ability to take advantage of the component driven design of the language and architect clean and reusable components.
  • Redux -Ability to fully utilize state management library.


React Native

  • Ability to fully utilize React native for creating mobile applications on google play and apple store.
  • Can debug and maintain mobile applications, including hosting on google play and apple store.

JavaScriptv: Ability to write high quality JavaScript code with lambda functions,autonomous functions ,asynchronous calls, promises. Ability to utilize debug utilities in order to identify and fix bugs. Type script and ES6.


NodeJS/JavaScript – server side – NodeJS

  • Ability to write high quality JavaScript code on server side with the capabilities of what NodeJS offers from ground up.
  • Ability to understand npm registry



  • Ability to drive and implement Web Progressive apps ( WPA) with focus on slick look and feel.
  • Ability to take an already created mockup and create Web representation of it using best HTML and CSS principles with the focus on quality and user behavior/experience.
  • Ability to write fast loading Web pages and build from the ground up speedy code and minimize or eliminate Cyber security risks while coding.

Managed Language – Java or C# Has the experience to debug and create application layer with Java or C# when

Relational Database: Ability to understand relational database scheme, indexing, write queries and triage bugs inside the database.

Git – Lean style with the ability to commit code several times per day and push changes as they are needed. Very flexible and open minded.



  • Microservices: Ability to write microservices and work with a stack of several of those chained together.
  • Algorithms – can design , execute and triage either new algorithms or redo/edit existing ones.
  • API – Ability to execute end points and third party APIs and create internal/external end points
  • transactions – Ability to work in an environment that produces millions of transactions daily.
  • Redis: Ability to write distributed, in memory key value pair values, messaging and manage cache.



  • Has the ability to write Dev Ops scripts or modify existing once. Understands automated persona tests for load and stress tests.
  • Docker – Ability to work with docker containers

Linux: very comfortable working in Linux as developer and has the ability to execute basic Linux commands

Blockchain: Ability to understand the “Bit” part of the “bitcoin”, especially any one of the most popular blockchain frameworks out there. Ideal candidates should have knowledge of BSV blockchain.

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