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We are the catalysts enabling crypto companies — trailblazers and disruptors which are pushing the boundaries of innovation — to scale and mature so that a full range of individuals, entities, and services may transact with crypto safely.

About the role

As a Senior Product Manager at Merkle Science, you will drive the vision, strategy, and execution. This role provides an opportunity to create massive business and customer impact because we are expanding in newer territories and a nuanced understanding of business is instrumental. Merkle is a very close-knit team, and we laugh everything out mostly. You will be embedded in one of our product tracks that are focused on the core roadmap domain. The work will be predominantly paired with the AVP of Product, responsible for the overall vision and roadmaps of the future. Also, by joining the Merkle Science family, you will be amongst the fractional few folks who have made it into the Blockchain Space early on by being a part of the family.


What does the Product do?

We boast of the best user experience amongst our peers and unmatched customisability. On many fronts, we are the best or a challenger vendor. On a high level, in addition to whatever we are building today, we have two fully functional products. The first one, Tracker is an investigation tool that helps the user track the flow of funds once a scam or a hack occurs. Intelligence wings and government bodies mostly use this Product. The other Product, Monitor, is a compliance tool that ensures that we can help crypto companies, financial institutions, regulators, and banks monitor the kind of funds flowing and stop the bad players from using crypto to do something wrong, such as transduction over dark-net or fraud. We also provide intelligence services and reports. Did we mention that we are working on some super innovative and bold products that we cannot share details about here?


What will you do?

As a Product Manager, you will

  • Own one of the core Merkle Science Products, its performance and shape the direction it needs to evolve in. We are at a stage where we are snowballing across geographies, and a large part of your role would be envisioning and executing the correct product strategy for localized expansion around our Investigation Product.
  • Collaborate closely with product designers and engineers to launch remarkably easy to use solutions while solving complex problems. It helps if you have a knack for tackling ‘Jobs to Be Done’ amongst all the noise.
  • Act as a leader and coach within the Product Management team, collaborating with and mentoring junior PMs and Business Analysts, hiring new folks and at the end of it all, craft a culture that you and we can be collectively proud of.
  • Analyze platforms like Productboard, Mixpanel, Hotjar, Intercom, Figma Prototype and Gong to derive insights on usage, consumption, ideas and drive cross-functional alignment backed by factual data to build conviction within the team and the organization about the problems we should be solving and prioritizing in our roadmap.
  • Work towards adopting new features, conceptualize loops that fuel product-led growth and be responsible for overall retention and North Star Metrics that you will also get to modify and define.
  • Run parallel bi-weekly sprints with the help of the design and dev team. We follow a breadth-first and depth later approach which almost always keeps us on our feet. You should have an understanding of MVP and be comfortable launching crude projects at a fast pace.
  • Be responsible for seamless execution, including last-mile delivery and post-release analysis to decipher the impact of the efforts.
  • Spearhead Product Led Training and activation of both existing and new customers.
  • Time and again, you will also be responsible for aiding the Sales and Marketing function using Salesforce and Hubspot to give us relevant metrics and measurements. The end goal of this stream would be defining the scope for product integrations or improvements, weekly reports, ARR growth and making the revenue model more predictable.


What makes you a great addition to the team?

Merkle Science has a meritocratic culture, so not meeting any of these pointers below does not affect your candidacy in any negative way. However, in general, it helps to have

  • You have Some experience with fast-paced product tracks and have led products, preferably Enterprise SAAS offerings in the past.
  • You enjoy working on forward-looking projects. Given the industry’s early days, you will get ample opportunities to lead on projects without many solutions to benchmark against.
  • You think not as an engineer but as a user. That means you know how to solve the low hanging fruit first before jumping into solving challenging problems which are not always necessary to be solved in the first go.
  • You understand the importance of concrete business metrics, product-driven acquisition, customer engagement and retention, onboarding driven activation and naturally think along these lines.
  • You enjoy the process of discovery with customers and bring a strong sense of empathy and a user-centric approach to product management.
  • It would help if you had an eye for value. The Product is successful only if it’s helping you run your business effectively and that. You should have a funnel first approach and not a screen first approach. The success is determined by not how many people complete the loop we wanted to.
  • You treat customer NPS as your holy grail but can weed out subjectivity from the customer inputs to keep items actionable.
  • You value QA more than development and treat deadlines as set in stone unless there is a very good reason not to.
  • Exposure to Crypto and Blockchain is excellent, but we believe that the domain knowledge can be gathered pretty quickly if you have a learner’s mentality. We boast of a thorough onboarding process that will ensure that you seamlessly transition into the blockchain space irrespective of where you are today.


What process do we follow? 

  • Application: We will keep it simple. You can apply directly through our job portal. All we ask for is a Resume, and we give you some space to make a pitch through Additional Information about Yourself.

  • Screening: We will screen your profile and get back with a decision within a week.

  • Interview Round 1: We will have two rounds of interviews. One round will focus on previous projects and your approach to building products in general. You may find yourself discussing a potential situation on the spot.

  • Interview Round 2: Depending on round 1, you may be given a small task to brainstorm upon. The second interview will focus on the assignment (if there is one), your leadership, business eye thought process around product strategy and decision-making capabilities.

  • Meet the Co-Founders: Culture-Fit is essential for both you and us. So we always go the extra mile, and you will meet one or both of our Co-Founders.

  • Offer Rollout: If all looks well, we will open a bottle of champagne.


Anything Else? 

We will be flexible for the rest of the pandemic and work remotely; however, we are not a remote-first company, and the work location would be Bangalore when things settle. The product team at Merkle is heavily driven by growth, and if you would like to, there will be numerous opportunities to experiment with growth loops and metrics. We are expanding internationally and heavily in the US, so there could be opportunities on that front in a few months with product roadshows and market discovery avenues. You will report to the AVP of Product directly.


Well Being, Compensation and Benefits

We care about your well-being. Along with excellent health insurance, we offer flexible time off, numerous Learning & development initiatives where Merkle Science invests in employee development, and working hours that we have not heard a single complaint against. We respect your weekends too. We regularly host team-building sessions and encourage discussions around mental well-being as well.
On the compensation front, We admire the talent and believe in rewarding people for their inputs. Compensation is best in class, along with generous equity, and the whole process will be transparent from the very minute we speak to you.

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