Product/IT Manager

About us:
Unbounded Enterprise was founded on the basis of three observations.

  1. Bitcoin will shape the future information economy by providing the foundation of a new internet.
  2. Building on Bitcoin is getting easier quickly, but it is still too hard.
  3. The companies which can improve the developer experience on Bitcoin will gain a significant share of a future multi-trillion dollar Bitcoin economy.

Unbounded Enterprise was founded by Jackson Laskey and Dave Mullen-Muhr, two partners at Unbounded Capital, the first U.S. fund investing solely in the Bitcoin (BSV) ecosystem. Their experience at Unbounded Capital exposed them both to the transformative potential of Bitcoin as well as the builders making the utilization of Bitcoin possible. In particular, Unbounded Capital portfolio companies Planaria Corp, Run on Bitcoin, Handcash, Xoken Labs, and UNISOT were instrumental in showing both the opportunities and challenges presented by Bitcoin.

Our Approach to Improving Bitcoin Developer Experience
The tools to build on Bitcoin are proliferating and improving rapidly. Our approach to improving developer experience has two major components.

  1. Focus on making existing tools more accessible
  2. Fill one of the major holes in the Bitcoin space today, transaction processing services
Making Existing Tools More Accessible
Through their work at Unbounded Capital and now Unbounded Enterprise, founders Jackson Laskey and Dave Mullen-Muhr have had the opportunity to pitch Bitcoin and Bitcoin related services to many companies. While the improvement of development tools and Bitcoin services have made these pitches more and more successful over time, the barrier to entry is still too high for most companies who lack Bitcoin experience.In our opinion, the problem isn’t the progress the tools, it’s the lack of a cohesive developer experience. Our goal is to utilize the amazing tools and services being built to create a developer experience that makes getting started easy. Whether it’s is a single developer looking to make a hobby project, a start-up looking to create an MVP, or an enterprise seeking to build their initial POC, Unbounded Enterprise wants to be the go-to place to get started building.
Transaction Processing Services
Many services in Bitcoin only make sense to be provisioned by a transaction processor. Because there are very few forward thinking transaction processors today, this means that development of these services has been slow. Unbounded Enterprise isn’t a transaction processor yet, but because we will become a transaction processor, we can prioritize services that other companies without transaction processing ambitions cannot provide.

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