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TonicPow is a marketplace where promoters and advertisers can connect. Anyone can be a promoter, an advertiser, or both! We use Bitcoin SV not only for payouts, but as a ledger of events. All transactions are settled on chain instantly, meaning receipts are automatic, marketing events like clicks and conversions are transparent, and transaction fees are pretty much non existent.

For advertisers, we offer tools that allow you to drive organic, high quality traffic to your sales funnel, social media profile, event registration, or any other website you like. You do this by offering campaigns and incentivising promoters with payments that could be anything from just a penny to a large percentage of a product sale.

For professional marketers or anyone with an online presence, it’s a great place to build relationships with marketing partners and earn rewards for helping to drive successful campaigns.

It’s also a great way to acquire your first BSV and support the ecosystem!


We’re building a better, Bitcoin compatible advertising model.

The internet is in a state of crisis right now. Censorship is on the rise, and “advertiser friendliness” dictates a one-size-fits-all approach to content monetization across all major platforms. Meanwhile, the users of these platforms suffer the consequences. They surrender their privacy, lose access to content they want, and are not compensated for their contributions to the monolithic companies who, ironically, require their attention to survive.

Many of these issues are a direct result of a predatory advertising model. Traditionally, advertising platforms exist where there is a captive audience. They first build a network effect by offering a “free” product, and when it has ripened, your most intimate digital profile, complete with your purchases, browsing history, political leanings, and more is harvested. Your private information is exploited to target you for purchases.

We believe privacy matters. We’re dedicated to delivering a promotion marketplace that avoids unnecessary leakage of personal data, and provides the means for direct compensation whenever this occurs voluntarily, complete with immutable receipts.

If that wasn’t bad enough, it can be hard hard to know if you get what you pay for when you purchase an ad campaign with a big social network, or search engine.

We think there is a better way. One that is More private, more transparent, more efficient, and more ethical. It’s simple too.