UX Design Lead

Our story

Elas was founded by Brendan Lee to execute a new vision for how tokens can be created and used on the Bitcoin SV (BSV) ledger.

We believe there are real world business problems that can be solved with our digital token ledger solutions by building technology that uses the Bitcoin public ledger as a substrate layer.

Elas Ledgers can be nested allowing for customised and flexible issuance and ownership structures to be defined.

Sub ledgers can be built to contain and manage databases, tokens, identity information and more, enabling use-cases from small family trust management up to nation-state deployments.

All actions within an Elas Ledger can be deterministically linked by any user back to an establishment action providing irrefutable validation within a particular ledger or sub-ledger.


We’re hiring
Are you an expert in your field? Can you think outside the box?

We seek creative people for upcoming projects relating to gaming and entertainment, tracking and logistics, voting and elections, government function and more. Importantly, we aren’t just looking for developers so if you think you have something to add, get in touch.

Let us know if you have knowledge and understanding of Bitcoin or have used tools such as BSVAlias, Nakasendo, Planaria, BSV library, Moneybutton or sCrypt. An open mind is important.

Our tools use Bitcoin (BSV) and with them you will be able to do some pretty amazing stuff.

We are looking for a UX Designer to design Bitcoin wallets. You will combine interfaces and workflows to enhance user experience. Enhance the end product to make it more user-friendly and intuitive to bridge the gap.



  • At least 5 years UX design and/or a breakthrough portfolio that demonstrates your thinking is a cut above other people working in your industry
  • A real ability to understand what the customer can achieve by pushing on every single boundary and capability we have within our system
  • You can present a concept to a high level executive audience with clarity and hold your own when the questions get technical

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