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Zumo is accessible and useful to people everywhere.
We believe the benefits of crypto and blockchain are for everyone.
We seek to ensure our decisions and actions benefit people and the planet.


Job purpose:

You’ll bring our brand to life, make all the people interacting with Zumo understand and feel our values and the benefits Zumo unlocks, by increasing our brand love through visually telling our story with clarity and leadership.



You’ll report directly to the Marketing Director and work closely with both Marketing Director and the Creative Director for ideation and conceptualisation.


Key duties / responsibilities 

  • Maintain the Zumo brand guidelines – from the smallest detail to articulating new campaigns and being diligent with the consistency of the brand.
  • Lead the creation of (graphic) design assets, from ideation to implementation, that inspire with clarity, simplicity and a pinch of fun.
  • Maintain our website design, keeping it fresh and visually current.
  • Work across a wide range of channels and assets, whether it’s microsites, blog images, social media assets, presentation designs, event graphics or swag.
  • Collaborate closely with our marketing and sales teams to ensure our designs drive leads, impressions and clicks.
  • Commission and manage external design talent where required, from illustration to video and animation specialists, helping us bring the Zumo story to live through all design mediums.
  • Build and manage the in-house design team to produce all assets for Zumo App and Zumo Interprise.
  • Always think in systems and templates, uderstaning how things can be reused or repurposed, as we scale our team and our offering.
  • Inspire and engage peers and leadership with your visual storytelling ability.


Experience & competencies: 

  • Fluency in Adobe creative suite, In Design, WordPress CMS and Figma.
  • A portfolio showcasing your favourite creations for a range of media.
  • Experience working in a fast-growing early-stage company.
  • Experience building with template in mind.
  • Excellent designer, collaborator, and team player.
  • Exceptional visual skills and strong verbal communication skills.
  • Diligent at understanding briefs around the core proposition.



Zumo’s internal mission is to create an environment where you can create the best work of your career. In order to do that, we offer:

  • A remote first hybrid work environment- Everyone does their best work in different environments. We operate as a remote first hybrid team, giving you the flexibility to work wherever suits you best.
  • Professional development- We focus on fostering a culture of learning, curiosity and ongoing professional development.
  • Pension- We give you flexibility to opt in to our voluntary company pension scheme.
  • Unlimited holiday- Having plentiful “off the grid” time is key to doing your best work. We offer flexible time off. Take time when you need it and receive a £500 bonus when you take five or more consecutive days off.
  • At Zumo, we believe in the strength that difference brings to our business, our culture, and our community. We value the opinions and experiences of all our colleagues and are proud to be an equal opportunity employer.


Our values:

Inclusion inspires

  • Zumo is accessible to everyone, everywhere
  • We believe that the benefits of crypto and blockchain are for everyone
  • Our decision-making is founded on the balance between people, profit and planet

Transparency wins

  • The technology that we build has usability and security at its core
  • We seek to make the complex simple
  • We don’t use jargon

Unshakable commitment 

  • We bring our A game to work every day
  • We believe that great productivity comes from a tranquil environment
  • We give feedback in a respectful way

Love the adventure

  • We don’t take the easy path unless it’s the right one
  • We’re constantly exploring to find the best way
  • We accept failure as part of the road to success


Towards a sustainable world:

When it comes to crypto, we don’t believe progress should come at the cost of the environment. As the sector develops and matures at unparalleled pace, we have the perfect opportunity to ensure we develop products and behaviours that will help the future of the planet. And we believe we can play our part in demystifying the information surrounding digital assets and their impact on the climate, helping everyone to understand, assess and contribute to the decarbonisation of the industry. Find out more about our net zero strategy, partnerships, environmental pledge and work to decarbonise the sector on our webpage here

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