WEB Designer, Front end Coder (¥350,000~)

 Tokyoto Chiyodaku Hayabusacho 2-10
  •  Full Time
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Zweispace is helping real estate industry with the power of technology and to improve the customers beyond.

We develop real estate applications, include in Robot Architect AutoCalc and Earthquake Resistant Measurement Application Namazu, and patented blockchain applications in real estate industry. In 2019, we are awarded Top PropTech Company in APAC region, also awarded Smart Contract patens, Robot Architect AI and IoT patents, including earthquake solution technologies. We developed inheritance smart contract with our Smarter Contract platform, and started to provide solutions in construction and financial industry as well. With the best performing Zweichain and it’s ecosystem, and with our ability to invent and build to fit, Zweispace will keep providing industry standard solutions in global blockchain and AI industry.


Experience in related field at least 3 years

Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Sketch

Part time(student OK) ¥1,000/hour