TechCrunch Sessions: Crypto 2022

Miami, Florida, November 17, 2022

Miami skyline

Building in DeFi and Beyond

Still in its relative infancy, decentralized finance is one of the most talked about technologies not only for its potential to democratize the way individuals transact and access funds but also due to its volatility and risk. Love it or hate it – or don’t understand it – you will learn how DeFi seeks to unlock capital and information, what tools are being created to bring these capabilities to the masses and discover what it takes to create a successful enterprise that leverage these ideals in the face of a downturn market.


Deconstructing the Blockchain

Meet the developers building the dapps and protocols that facilitate the secure sharing of data and resources and get an insider view of the pros and cons of the various blockchain platforms that support these functions.


The web3 (Re)volution

Learn how web3 is leveraging the ideals and technologies of decentralization to evolve into the next iteration of the internet and change how we share information in a way that protects the security and privacy of its users.


Funding the Future

Even in a downturn market, investors are still making strategic bets on DeFi builders and technologies. They’ll divulge what they think about timely investments in this sector – when it’s too early or too late and when it’s the right time.