Building Blockchain Applications

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By Alex Speirs Published: November 12, 2020

Bitcoin Association returned to China in late October to host a half-day conference, ‘Bitcoin SV: Building Blockchain Applications’. Hosted in Shenzen, the event was produced in partnership with Bitcoin SV gaming platform SatoPlay, the latest in a series of on-the-ground efforts to support and nurture the budding Bitcoin SV community in China.

The half-day event welcomed more than 50 in-person attendees, including developers from the likes of Tencent and Kingsoft, in addition to an active and engaged online audience on Bitcoin Association’s bilibili channel.

‘Hosting events across China is an effective way to introduce and deliver information to those who may be considering blockchain solutions, or have an interest in learning more,’ explains Lise Li, Regional Manager for China at Bitcoin Association.

‘This was an intentionally intimate event, emphasising the in-person nature of the conference after so many months of virtual gatherings. It gave our attendees the chance to engage with the material at the event and the opportunity to interact with the presenters, as well as fellow blockchain developers and business leaders.’

The focus of the event was rooted firmly in the practical. The day consisted of six sessions, covering topics as varied as the high-level applicability of the Bitcoin SV blockchain, through to application-specific content including decentralised identification.

With SatoPlay on hand to share their expertise, several sessions focused on video games and how blockchain technology made business sense for the sector. Gu Lu, Founder of Bitcell, presented a developer’s guide on getting started in the Bitcoin SV ecosystem, while Guo Jia, Head of Elder Games, talked about how the video game industry can integrate with blockchain technology.

SatoPlay closed the day with a real-world demonstration of their technology, with attendees able to take place in the SatoPlay Championship contest.

As with prior events in China this year, including DotCamp for BSV in Fuzhou and the online Bitcoin SV DevCon: China, the response to the latest Bitcoin Association undertaking in China once again showed a demonstrable level of enthusiasm from the rapidly growing Bitcoin SV community.

‘Chinese developers deeply understand the power of Bitcoin and want to learn about and understand the technology better,’ says Li.

‘Bitcoin is an ambitious technology and both businesses and developers alike are excited about the benefits it can bring. Many here today are dedicating their personal and professional lives to changing the world with Bitcoin – they see the potential and have a clear mission that pushes them to keep building and innovating with this technology.’