Recap: Bitcoin SV DevCon – China 2020

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By Alex Speirs Published: September 10, 2020
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The first-ever Chinese-language Bitcoin SV Developer Conference played host to thousands of virtual attendees over the weekend of August 29-30, 2020 – the first event of its kind in China, aimed at building and growing the innovative community of Bitcoin SV developers in China.

More than 7,000 developers tuned in to the two-day virtual event, which mixed expert insight with interactive sessions, hosted by some of the most prominent names in the blockchain community. Bitcoin SV DevCon: China was hosted by Bitcoin Association in partnership with CSDN – the biggest online software development community in China – and leading blockchain research & development firm, nChain.

‘CSDN was honoured to cooperate with Bitcoin Association on hosting the first Chinese-language version of Bitcoin SV DevCon,’ said Yang Dongjie, general manager of CSDN Operation Centre.

‘We feel that Bitcoin Association attaches great importance to the developer community. The speakers at the DevCon and Bitcoin specialists from the Bitcoin SV community are enthusiastic in exploring the cutting-edge technology and sharing that passion with others.’

‘We received great feedback on the professional content given by at DevCon: China. We expect the Bitcoin SV blockchain to continue leading the blockchain technology and become more powerful.’

The first day focused on Bitcoin theory, including talks on the economic incentives built into the Bitcoin system, the tools available to Bitcoin SV developers, in addition to a showcase of high-level smart contract language, sCrypt. Day one concluded with a fireside between Dr. Craig S. Wright and nChain CTO Steve Shadders, where Wright was interviewed on the origins of Bitcoin Script and the potential it holds for future development on blockchain.

With the first day focused on the theoretical, the second dove headfirst into practical skills, building on the learnings from day one and applying it to the process of developing applications on Bitcoin SV. Presentations were given by experienced figures with experience bringing business ideas to life on Bitcoin SV, including Lin Zheming, founder and CEO of both Mempool and DotWallet; Tsiming Ho, founder and architect at Meta SV; Jeff Chen, founder of Maxthon and NBdomain; Sunny Fung, founder and CEO of ShowPay; Gu Liu, founder of Bitcell and cybersecurity specialist Liu Yiming.

‘Our first-ever Chinese-language DevCon was a great success,’ said Lise Li, China Manager of Bitcoin Association.

‘We had an elaborate series of sessions this time, covering many different aspects of Bitcoin theory as well as plenty of practical content for developers. Developers in China are quick learners with strong practical abilities, and we want to leverage that to provide further opportunities and resources for education about the technical power of Bitcoin SV.’

With the resounding success of the first two Bitcoin SV DevCons in 2020, Bitcoin Association expects to organise more developer conferences and webinars, in both English and Chinese languages, for 2021.

Bitcoin Association has also partnered with CSDN to create a “BSV Zone” on the CSDN website, to provide Chinese-language developers content and educational material about Bitcoin SV.