Looking Back – DotCamp for BSV 2020

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By Alex Speirs Published: September 25, 2020

From 19-20 September, the second edition of DotCamp for BSV 2020 took place in Fuzhou City, China, and brought together the local Bitcoin SV community for the follow-up to January’s hugely successful DotCamp debut.

Hosted in partnership with Chinese digital wallet provider DotWallet and held at the Crowne Plaza Fuzhou Riverside Hotel in Fuzhou City, China, developers and business executives alike were invited to ‘embrace the future with blockchain’, as they spent two days hearing and learning from some of the brightest minds in the Bitcoin SV ecosystem.

‘The second BSV DotCamp had a greater ambition and larger scale than the first edition, providing more diversified and deeper content,’ says Lise Li, Regional Manager for China at Bitcoin Association.

‘I saw many entrepreneurs and tech innovators who aren’t necessarily yet part of the blockchain ecosystem, but were interested in exploring how they could apply the technology to their business. Over the weekend, they have learned about the Bitcoin SV blockchain from a variety of different sources and are now hoping to learn more.’

embrace the future with blockchain

The first day of the conference opened with an address from Lin Zheming, founder and CEO of DotWallet, followed by a series of in-depth talks, including ‘Developing Smart Contracts with sCrypt’ with Yiqiang Wang, co-founder and CEO of sCrypt, where he discussed the future of smart contracting and using sCrypt to it; and ‘Virtual Assets and Verifiable Logic in Games’, a talk given by Gu Lu, the founder of Bitcell and developer of SatoPlay.

The second day was more hands-on, focusing predominantly on the real-world applications of the Bitcoin SV blockchain. Sessions were hosted by Xiang Bin, founder and CEO of Fuzhou Linguin Data Network Technology Company, on the application and practice of blockchain in supply chain finance, and a talk on the Nakasendo Threshold Signature Scheme by Aaron Zhou, trainer and developer at Bitcoin Association. The event was closed out with an extensive roundtable seminar involving 20 senior Bitcoin SV developers and a lively discussion on the future of bitcoin and the blockchain.

Bitcoin SV DotCamp attendees

‘The two-day Bitcoin SV DotCamp came to a close with numerous independent Bitcoin SV developers and VIP guests demonstrating the limitless commercial potential of the Bitcoin SV blockchain,’ says Zheming.

‘After each DotCamp, business and technical teams in attendance have enjoyed the spirit of exploration within the field of blockchain and the collective drive to create more excellent industrial applications with Bitcoin SV.’

The event was the first in-person event hosted by Bitcoin Association since moving its events programme online in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and forms a part of the Association’s commitment to growing and empowering the local Bitcoin SV community in China.