The Bitcoin Association is inclusive. We welcome companies and organizations who support or wish to learn about Bitcoin SV (BSV) and the Satoshi Vision, even if you also support other digital currency or blockchain projects.

Voting Member

CHF 50,000
CHF 25,000
(*start-ups & individuals)

Non-Voting Member

CHF 5,000
CHF 2,500
(*start-ups & individuals)


Invited to attend Association’s annual general meeting
Right to vote at Association’s annual general meeting
Preferred consideration for Association committees (subject to qualification review)
Receive email updates and reports about Association and BSV
Obtain technical advice in “Ask Me Anything” webinars with Bitcoin SV Infrastructure team
Discounts on Bitcoin SV Academy paid courses and certification fees
Early registration access to Bitcoin Association events and programs
Discounts on Bitcoin Association paid events and programs
Listing as member on BA website or other member directory
Right to use Bitcoin Association member or affiliate identification/badge
Consideration for speaking on a BA webinar, virtual meetup or event each year
Assistance with press releases and media coverage for your BSV business
Advertising and sponsorship opportunities (at additional cost + subject to review by BA):

  • Editorial/PR coverage in BA newsletters
  • Promotion through BA online assets: (websites & webinars) : website banners + email promotions
Opportunity to place job postings on BA website job board

*To qualify as a start-up venture for the reduced Membership fee, a company must meet the following criteria: (1) operated as a business for less than 5 years; and (2) raised total of less than 10 million CHF from third-party investment capital + any self-funding.

Bitcoin Association membership goes beyond education and networking. For the benefit of our members, Bitcoin Association works to:

Organize events, education and networking for Bitcoin businesses and developers.
Provide resources for Bitcoin SV meetups and global BSV ambassadors.
Publish regular news about the rapid developments in the Bitcoin SV ecosystem.
Provide input to worldwide government bodies for policies that encourage responsible usage and growth of Bitcoin.
Develop technical standards and best practices that encourage industry growth.