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If your business wants to build enterprise-class blockchain applications, Bitcoin SV allows you to do so on a stable protocol. Bitcoin SV will also provide a scaled network to process the huge transaction volumes needed by global companies. For businesses in every industry, explore how BSV will help you launch new business models and truly unlock the power of blockchain technology.


The BSV ecosystem is growing with wallet operators, exchanges, application developers and many other Bitcoin SV infrastructure providers. All companies and organizations contributing to the growth of Bitcoin SV are invited to join.

Miners (Transaction Processors)

We understand the need to scale, in order to sustain the mining (transaction processing) industry. BSV intends to scale to gigabyte size and one day, terabyte size blocks. BSV will be the world’s global public ledger, processing billions of transactions a day, and earning miners ongoing consistent revenue into the future.


BSV will be the world’s new money, with fast, secure and instant transactions. Merchants will benefit a more efficient payment system that costs less than traditional payment networks.

Exchanges & Wallets

As interest in Bitcoin SV continues to grow among both enterprises and consumers, exchanges and wallet companies will play key roles in meeting demand.

Service Providers

As the Bitcoin SV ecosystem expands, the need for service providers to provide necessary infrastructure will continue to expand - in breadth and capacity. Custodians, blockchain analytics companies, banks, and other categories of services providers will benefit from integrating BSV and opening up new business opportunities made possible by Bitcoin SV’s massively scaled blockchain and microtransaction economy.


Bitcoin Association is an inclusive organization that welcomes business and organizations who work with or are interested in learning about blockchain technology. With a range fo educational programs and outreach activity, we invite everyone along with us as we work to advance business with Bitcoin SV.

The Bitcoin Association is inclusive. We welcome companies and organizations who support or wish to learn about Bitcoin SV (BSV) and the Satoshi Vision, even if you also support other digital currency or blockchain projects.

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