Nicholas King BA ambassador
The BSV blockchain’s Switzerland-based global industry organisation today announces the appointment of Nicholas King as a new BSV ambassador for the Philippines as part of its global ambassador programme. King has extensive experience in the blockchain industry and is an invaluable part of the BSV blockchain ecosystem, helping to drive adoption and awareness of the global enterprise blockchain platform in the Philippines and the rest of the world.
Bitcoin Association Annual Report 2022
The Technical Standards Committee promotes technical excellence and further increases Bitcoin SV’s utility by enhancing interoperability through standardisation, facilitating industry participation in the development of global standards and ensuring technical standards are maintained and freely available.
BA Annual Report Banner template
September 16, 2022
Chapter 7 of the report focuses on the strides made by Bitcoin Association and the Bitcoin Academy in educating users about the ecosystem. The Association also helped launch several key education projects with other partners over the last year.

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