Bitcoin SV (BSV) Weekly – April 17th, 2019
January 9, 2019
The new year has started off with a big bang (or block) for Bitcoin SV (BSV)—the biggest yet in the history of public blockchains: on January 3rd, at block height 563638, a block the size of 103 MB – containing 460,400 transactions – was successfully mined by Mempool on the BSV chain. With over 700 transactions per second, Bitcoin SV has processed several multiples of the average capacity managed by PayPal. Yes, Bitcoin (SV) scales—on-chain!
Bitcoin SV (BSV) Weekly – April 17th, 2019
January 2, 2019
Happy New Year!  2019 marks the 10-year anniversary of the Bitcoin genesis block and the original Bitcoin vision, which continues now through Bitcoin SV (BSV). In the new
December 27, 2018
You like dragon gold and upright B symbol.  But it’s a very close vote between italicized vs. upright “Bitcoin SV”. For a final vote, we also took the suggestion to show variati
December 21, 2018
  Happy holidays.  Instead of a BSV Weekly update, I want to provide the text of the holiday video message I published last week.  I wish everyone a wonderful holiday season, as we look forwa
Bitcoin SV (BSV) Weekly – April 17th, 2019
December 19, 2018
Bitcoin SV (BSV) is rebirth of the original Bitcoin, designed to preserve Bitcoin’s fundamental design and fulfil the Satoshi Vision.  BSV provides the enterprise-friendly blockchain - with
December 19, 2018
  Which of the following do you prefer?   Logo AA slight update of Bitcoin’s original B symbol – keeping two lines above & below the B; no serifs; B is verti
December 17, 2018
Bitcoin SV (BSV) is Bitcoin meant for business, and is the blockchain all enterprises should build upon.  BSV is the rebirth of the original Bitcoin, designed to fulfil the Satoshi Vision.  Emerging

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