January 13, 2021
Bitcoin Association speaks with Eli Afram, CTO of Layer2 Technologies, about the blockchain-based voting system his company is developing, B-Vote. [...]
A photo of Brendan Lee
December 18, 2020
In BSV Academy Conversations, we go behind the scenes with some of the key figures behind Bitcoin SV Academy – the online Bitcoin SV education platform developed by Bitcoin Association. For the first in our series, we speak with Brendan Lee, Training and Development Manager at Bitcoin Association, who shares his insights into the development of Bitcoin SV Academy and what prospective learners can expect from the programme. [...]
BSV Update
December 18, 2020
Bitcoin Association Founding President Jimmy Nguyen reflects on a busy couple of months, in his final BSV Update for 2020. [...]
Jimmy Nguyen image
December 3, 2020
Bitcoin Association recently capped off a two-week trip to the United Arab Emirates to engage with the innovative business and investment community, headlined by a central role for Bitcoin SV companies at the prestigious Ritossa Family Summit, as blockchain technology gains a foothold in the Middle East. [...]
Photo of Bitcoin Ambassador for Germany: Stefan Landrock
November 26, 2020
German designer and entrepreneur Stefan Landrock is a man never short on ideas nor enthusiasm. The founder of Salon.io – a publishing platform for artists and designers – Landrock brings with him a unique perspective to the Bitcoin SV ecosystem, one that has shaped the initiatives he’s led as the Bitcoin Association Ambassador to Germany. [...]
Vector of Bitcoin on poker chips and dice and some playing cards
November 25, 2020
BitBoss has broken new ground in blockchain gaming with the release of the first blackjack game to run entirely on-chain. [...]

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