Phillip Runyan in white background

Phillip Runyan

Managing Partner, Veridat

Hailing from the Silicon Prairie, Phillip is the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Veridat, a SaaS developer building a suite of services for strengthening research integrity and transparency during the drug development process. Phillip is also the founder and CEO of Hold Gaming, a mobile content and platform development company combining mobile gaming, casino content, and eSports. Unsatisfied after a decade of growth and innovation in the social casino market, Phillip and his team launched their first title in 2019 – expanding the footprint from four to 36 US states where casino content could be competitively played for cash prizes. Concerned by questions of trust in the customer service queue, Phillip set out to find the right blockchain solution which had to be cost effective, fast, and scalable – in 2020 the team committed to BSV, the only public blockchain to offer all three.