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February 6, 2023
The Bitcoin SV (BSV) token is now available to trade on the leading digital currency exchange The listing means users will have another way to buy, sell and trade BSV in several major regions worldwide.
Business contract
January 26, 2023
The Provincial Government of Bataan partners with global blockchain leader nChain to establish a digital platform for streamlined government services. Utilising nChain's cutting-edge technology for improved efficiency and transparency. Roll-out to begin in the coming months.
The BSV Blockchain Association held a successful meetup on 16 October to inaugurate the launch of its new Citadel office in India. The event allowed enthusiasts, builders and businesses to meet, learn, discuss, and build together on the BSV blockchain.
Nicholas King
The BSV blockchain’s Switzerland-based global industry organisation today announces the appointment of Nicholas King as a new BSV ambassador for the Philippines as part of its global ambassador programme. King has extensive experience in the blockchain industry and is an invaluable part of the BSV blockchain ecosystem, helping to drive adoption and awareness of the global enterprise blockchain platform in the Philippines and the rest of the world.
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Zug Switzerland 7 November 2022: My2Cents is set to showcase the power of the BSV blockchain at the upcoming Blockchain Developers Conference in Istanbul. The conference is aimed at developers, entrepreneurs, and students at Turkey’s top universities and will be held at the TİM Show Centre in Istanbul on 15 and 16 November. 
Blockchain Hustlers
November 2, 2022
The pilot episode of Blockchain Hustlers features two of Bitcoin SV’s most prolific block transaction producers:Bryan Daugherty and Greg Ward of blockchain distribution channel and product producerSmartLedger. The pair showcase their new cybersecurity toolset, Certihash and demo its breach detection tool, Sentinel Node.
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October 16, 2022
Bitcoin Association is taking action to contact all relevant exchanges and miners to freeze all block rewards associated with this malicious miner and will be pursuing criminal charges against the entity/entities responsible. We encourage this miner to contact Bitcoin Association at [email protected] within 24 hours to resolve this dispute.

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