fabriikx logo
April 26, 2022
Classical, contemporary designers and artists Mayson Heald, Akoa, and Nestor Andreev have launched their new NFT collections with FabriikX, featuring works that include their individuality, experiences, and understanding of the world around them.
Diddy's Art and FabriikX logo
March 31, 2022
As her third collection launches on the curation-focused NFT marketplace experience FabriikX, Women of BSV co-founder Diddy Wheldon talks about the inspiration behind the collection and how she came to the world of NFTs.
Marco Biscardi NFT Collection
The Origins collection features 40 unique NFTs comprised of a series of tiles, with each tile being a separate NFT. Each tile is digitally hand painted and features spots of paint creating drips, on single color, contrasting backgrounds.
BSV Academy Merkle Trees
March 14, 2022
BSV Academy has launched its new free Bitcoin Primitives: Merkle Trees course, educating students about the fundamental data structure behind the BSV blockchain.

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