Relica launches influencer programme to boost growth

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By Jamie McKane Published: October 6, 2021

Relica has announced the launch of its new influencer programme, further boosting the incentives for creators to bring their content to the peer-to-peer social media platform built on the BSV blockchain.

Relica CEO and co-founder Daniel Street explains the benefits of the new influencer programme and how users can apply, as well as how Relica’s new incentivisation paradigm is taking on incumbent image sharing social networks.


How Relica is taking on Instagram

Founded by Daniel Street and Jeremy Street, Relica is an image sharing social network with a similar interface and user experience to services like Instagram. However, instead of user data being collected and sold to third parties as with Instagram and similar platforms, Relica empowers users by giving them sovereignty over their own personal data – something which makes the platform a radical departure from what we’ve come to expect from social media.

Street embraces the comparison of Relica with the currently best-known image-sharing social networks.

‘One of the main differences between us and Instagram is the fact that we don’t sell any of our user’s data,’ explains Street.

‘On Instagram, users have all their data sold to third parties and advertisers, and then they are targeted by those advertisers and none of that advertising revenue goes back to the users. We’re saying let’s create a purely peer-to-peer payment mechanism within Relica, so now you can earn from your photos based on what other people tip you.’

This is made possible by the BSV blockchain. BSV micropayments are integrated seamlessly into Relica, and content published by users is hashed and stored immutably on-chain. Storing content on-chain means that users also retain ownership of the content they create and they are free to express themselves freely without fear of being unnecessarily censored or de-platformed. Users who like content are able to tip a small amount to the original creator, allowing creators to earn revenue from micropayments generated through the success and appreciation of their content.

‘Every single user on Relica can earn from their content, as opposed to the 0.05% on Instagram that actually earn from their content, and they’re the influencers.’

For example, a ‘like’ on Relica is a $0.03 tip to the content creator, and a comment is a $0.01 tip. The ability to efficiently process such small payment amounts is uniquely enabled by the BSV blockchain, which is the only blockchain protocol that supports microtransactions at the scale necessary to power such a platform.

Street notes that if Relica was to build its platform on any blockchain other than BSV than the fees would be so high as to not make financial sense: ‘It’s literally not possible on any other blockchain today,’ he says.

This incentivises the creation of high-quality content while removing the problematic trading of personal data which many modern social media networks rely on.


Becoming a Relica influencer

With their new influencer programme, Relica has taken the next step in re-shaping the incentive models driving social networks and driving adoption of the BSV-based social network through an array of incentives targeted at influencers migrating to the platform from places like Instagram, YouTube and Patreon.

The first step to becoming a Relica influencer is to sign up using the application form on the website. As part of this application, influencers will need to provide their social media handles and reach denoted by follower numbers, as well as disclose any existing brand partnerships.

‘They send that application through to our partnerships and influencer manager. Then we go through all the applications and from there we hand-select the influencers that we want to work with,’ Street says.

‘We go through Relica step-by-step with them and show them how they can actually earn revenue with their content, and then we send them an influencer pack along with a contract.’

One of the main attractions of being a Relica influencer is the ability to earn payment bonuses based on the referrals that you generate. Street explains that while all users can earn a payment bonus based on the revenue generated by those they refer, influencers will have this payment bonus boosted by 300%.

‘What we’re doing with the influence programme is saying that you get your existing referral bonus, but we’ll multiply that by 300% based on how you perform for the month, which is paid to you at the end of the month.’

‘It’s a multiplier based on what the other person earns. So, if the person that they introduce earns, say, one hundred likes, they would get a cut of all that revenue that they’re bringing into the company. It doesn’t come out of that other person’s cut at all – it purely comes out of the Relica revenue,’ Street explains.

By structuring its incentives in this manner, Relica has built an attractive and mutually beneficial influencer programme which allows influencers to dramatically grow their revenue-making capability while also boosting the growth and adoption of the social network.


Join Relica

In addition to the growth enabled by its new influencer programme, Relica has many other exciting new features in the pipeline, from location-based NFT support to interoperability with token exchanges and the continued development and the goal of opening up the Relica Maps service to all users.

Relica is easier to sign up for and use than ever before, and it can be accessed via its brand-new desktop or mobile interface at Register now to get started earning money from your social media activity or sign up as an influencer for boosted referral revenue and unique perks.