Traditional Finance vs. DeFi and Bitcoin: How Does This Fit?

Online, May 25, 2022

Virtual Meetup

Panel discussion hosted by FS Blockchain Center on “Traditional Finance vs. Defi and Bitcoin: How Does This Fit?”


About this event

Digital assets promise to be the new answer to traditional investment opportunities. Seemingly daily, new crypto investment opportunities are being offered that promise high returns to their investors. The possibilities range from direct investing in crypto assets like Bitcoin, staking, and lending to investing in crypto funds to name a few. So will there be a big shift from traditional investments to crypto investments in the near future? Which role will inflation drive (triggered by Corona, energy prices, Ukraine crisis)? Given the huge volatility of cryptocurrencies, is it even advisable for institutional investors to invest here? What are the risks of investing in digital assets and what strategies exist to mitigate those risks?

With more people considering diversifying their portfolio with crypto assets and currently more than 1000 crypto funds and VC funds operating, we think the time is ripe for gathering more knowledge about the different possibilities available today. Join us in gaining comprehensive insights into the current state of how crypto investments are set up, which role inflation will play and be used as well as their role in further triggering financial innovation.

We would also like to elaborate on the following questions:

  • What market share will crypto investments get compared to traditional investments?
  • Which role will inflation drive (triggered by Corona, energy prices, Ukraine crisis)?
  • How is the risk exposure from crypto assets to be evaluated in modern portfolio management?
  • Can we expect to see financial institutions including crypto funds in their portfolios to offer a competitive yield?
  • What are the rationales behind investing in crypto assets and who is the typical investor?

During the online panel, you will also have the opportunity to ask questions directly to the speakers.