Satoshi Block Dojo – Accelerating cutting-edge BSV start-ups

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By Jamie McKane Published: August 7, 2021
satoshi block dojo

Blockchain start-up accelerator Satoshi Block Dojo will officially launch later this month, offering entrepreneurs and developers building businesses for the Bitcoin SV ecosystem the opportunity to grow their companies and deliver products to market in record time while courting funding from investors.

Satoshi Block Dojo will educate, train and elevate start-ups building services and products on the BSV blockchain by providing best-in-class mentorship and technical training. The start-up accelerator handles all the paperwork and logistics of building a fully-fledged business, allowing entrepreneurs and development teams to focus solely on building their applications.

Start-ups interested in applying to the Satoshi Block Dojo accelerator can sign up on the company’s official website.

The team behind the Dojo has noted the exceptional potential of Bitcoin SV to change the digital world, with the blockchain’s low transaction fees, unbounded scaling and limitless utility ushering in a new age of digital innovation. Bitcoin SV is the blockchain most closely aligned with the original version of the Bitcoin protocol described in Satoshi Nakamoto’s whitepaper. It therefore aims to function as peer-to-peer digital cash, as well as a blockchain data processing and storage platform for everyone from start-ups and shop owners to large-scale enterprises. The BSV blockchain has no default block caps size limit, which means it can scale in line with transaction volumes while still maintaining low transaction fees and complex smart contract support.

The possible applications of the BSV blockchain are practically limitless and it is this exciting sphere of development which the team behind Satoshi Block Dojo hopes to accelerate through their new initiative. The Dojo’s goals are ambitious and belie the team’s excitement around the potential of the BSV ecosystem: the team aims to fast-track 241 start-ups by 2026, putting each start-up through a rigorous 12-week programme in which they will develop a minimum viable product (MVP) of their application that is fit to present to potential investors. This 12-week programme is split into two six-week sprints and leverages agile and SCRUM methodologies to deliver maximum results in an impressively short time.

Start-ups who apply to join Satoshi Block Dojo and make it through the evaluation process are awarded a £10,000 golden handshake in addition to the wealth of training and services provided by the start-up accelerator. Following the development of an MVP at the end of the 12-week programme, start-ups will then present their products to investor partners. If these partners agree to invest in the start-up, the team behind the start-up will receive £140,000 in SEIS funding for their first year of operations. Once the year is done and the start-up has built a functional product and they are generating revenue from paying clients, they may then secure an additional £1.3 – £1.5 million in EIS funding from Satoshi Block Dojo’s investor partners.


Start-up accelerator services and the ‘dream team’

The value of the offering provided by Satoshi Block Dojo during the ‘sprint’ development periods extends well beyond the initial £10,000 funding. The start-up accelerator offers an ethically centred, technically proficient and empowering environment for shaping new companies, and the Satoshi Block Dojo teams ensures that all the logistical and management stresses of building a business are removed from the start-up – allowing them to focus purely on the application they are building. As part of this model, Satoshi Block Dojo provides start-ups with the following services:

  • Drafting and processing initial legal contracts, such as shareholder agreements, client contracts and supplier agreements
  • Handling financial activities, including bookkeeping, payroll, Xero and PAYE
  • Creating a financial model and identifying potential revenue streams
  • Providing two specialised mentors for 24-hour advice
  • Pairing entrepreneurs with the right co-founder
  • Intensive training on SatoLearn BSV coding tutorials from Vaionex Corporation
  • Assist with competitor analysis, creating an investor pitch deck and executive summary
  • Taking care of web hosting, SSL, website creation, emails, social media presence and other tech issues
  • Building a database of the start-ups target customers, creating a sales strategy and providing pitch practice training
  • Introducing the start-up to a large base of investors and identifying possible grants

These services and more are provided by a team of qualified experts in everything from BSV blockchain development to investment and start-up acceleration. The ‘dream team’ behind Satoshi Block Dojo includes the following eminent figures within the worlds of business, finance and Bitcoin SV:

  • Chairman – Craig Massey
  • CTO – Robin Kohze
  • Entrepreneur engagement – Richard Boase
  • Programme director – James Marchant
  • Interim programme director – Ross Power
  • Cohorts advisor – Max Kelly

This team brings a wealth of experience across several different subject areas. Craig Massey is a serial entrepreneur who has started four software-as-a-service companies, achieved four multi-million-pound exits and has drawn up a comprehensive investor playbook for start-up investment. Robin Khoze is completing a PhD at Cambridge University and is the CEO of Vaionex Corporation – a BSV blockchain company specialising in the deployment of tools used to create applications and services on the Bitcoin SV network. Richard Boase is an experienced Bitcoin journalist and tech PR consultant for start-ups with extensive experience in the BSV ecosystem. Ross Power is an employee experience specialist who created the 12-week sprint model used by Satoshi Block Dojo; he has also previously worked on blockchain MVPs for Accenture. Kan Ranjan leads a syndicate of investors and is an experienced tech start-up investor with multiple successful exits. Max Kelly is the former CEO of Techstars UK and of Virgin Insight.

The model used by Satoshi Block Dojo benefits start-ups, investors, the accelerator itself and the entire Bitcoin SV ecosystem by enabling the launch of new and exciting applications on the BSV blockchain.

Bitcoin Association spoke to Satoshi Block Dojo chairman Craig Massey, entrepreneur engagement head Richard Boase and CTO Robin Kohze to find out more about the vision behind the start-up accelerator.


Inception and vision

The idea behind Satoshi Block Dojo began with a conversation between Massey and Boase, both of whom had a vision of enabling start-ups within the relatively nascent ecosystem of the BSV blockchain.

‘I approached Craig about this opportunity and suggested that we build on BSV. I’ve been involved in Bitcoin since May 2012, and I’ve been firmly in the Wright camp since January 2019. My focus is on finding entrepreneurs who want to build on the chain. So that’s my key role,’ Boase says.

‘Richard approached me with the opportunity in terms of the BSV blockchain. I’ve started tech companies in the past – from a total of seven, I’ve had five exits in total, one ridiculously small, four pretty decent multimillions. I’ve figured out a playbook in terms of tech start-ups and came up with the concept of the Dojo,’ Massey says.

‘I’ve made so many mistakes that I’ve now realised what to do and what not to do, so we’re trying to take those learnings and put them together with a great network of business angel investor contacts – many of whom are very keen to new kind of technology company emerge.’

Kohze is leveraging the extensive expertise and experience of Vaionex to deliver technical training and evaluation to the Dojo’s operations. The tools his company has built should prove invaluable to fledgling BSV start-ups that sign up to the accelerator.

‘We provide not only the technical aspects, but we are trying to make sure that every start-up will overcome every technical challenge, so that it becomes a business challenge in the end. With Vaionex, we are adding to the mix the SatoLearn classes for education,’ Khoze explains.

‘Every team gets the wallet infrastructure too – that means they get state-of-the-art technologies that some of the top companies are using to make products happen very quickly – and we include support from the team itself.’

One of the key differentiators of the Satoshi Block Dojo is its hands-on approach to enabling start-ups building on Bitcoin SV. Specifically, the team realises the importance of handling the administrative aspects of running a start-up on behalf of their candidates, freeing up teams to work on their MVPs and deliver a clear and attractive proposition to investors.

‘There are a lot of accelerators and VCs out there who say that they offer loads of value, but we think that our much more hands-on approach will prove superior,’ Massey says.

‘We go out and identify that R&D partner and bring that back in; we clear the decks of all the hassle that you have with the start-up – we take care of all that, whether it’s bookkeeping or taxation or creating investor documents, executive summaries, websites, we do all that.’

‘The reason that we do all of that is so that all the companies in the programme have to focus on is delivering the solution to the R&D partner and iterating really quickly. So, by the time they’re at 12 weeks, by the time they’re presenting to the investors, it’s a well-thought-through MVP with a real-world client achieving real benefits. This is why I think we’re a lot different than anything else out there.’


Incubating the best tech start-ups for a radical shift

Boase stresses the importance of the culture in the BSV ecosystem to the approach taken by Block Dojo, noting that the proof-of-work ethic prevalent in the ecosystem is a driving force behind their philosophy.

‘We think the proof-of-work ethic in BSV culture is crucial – we really support it and we’re expecting to see a thousand flowers bloom. It’s kind of like the early days of the Internet and HTML pages. We want to be there to basically incubate the best. So hopefully we’ll see a lot of these guys creating their stuff and we’ll be able to pick them up, support them, nurture them and put them in the incubator and grow them so they’re strong enough to compete,’ Boase says.

He adds that the most immediate vertical they expect many start-ups to pursue would be NFTs and token solutions by building applications and services related to the minting, exchange and utility of tokenised assets.

‘So we’ve broken our buckets down into advertising, social media, iGaming, utility wallets, education, finance and protocols. Speaking very specifically from what we received already, we’ve found that people are really interested in token solutions and NFTs. Add to that, we’re also keen on leveraging the blockchain in different industry verticals, from automotive to healthcare and pharma.’

When it comes to attracting developers to the BSV ecosystem and supporting via mentorship, education and various financial and administrative services, Kohze notes that the combination of expertise offered by the Dojo is uniquely attractive.

‘We are probably the most integrated support network existing in the BSV ecosystem because we come together with Craig Massey, who is a serial entrepreneur with lots of experience, we have insiders of the BSV ecosystem that know every aspect of it, like Richard, and then we get people like myself who know the ins and outs of starting a project on the BSV blockchain,’ he says.

‘We have a very good understanding of how long each kind of project will take and what the different elements are. I think this combination is really quite unique in the ecosystem.’

Kohze adds that developers from outside of the cryptocurrency ecosystem looking to build a BSV start-up are welcome, stating that technical proposals are assessed purely on viability and skills.

‘The general approach is to bring people from outside the crypto ecosystem and from the greater blockchain ecosystem inside our accelerator purely based on skills.’

The launch of Satoshi Block Dojo comes at a time when the BSV ecosystem is experiencing exponential growth, with many new products being announced over the past few months alone. Kohze believes that this dynamic will shift soon, with a bevvy of product launches rolling out to the public – something he hopes that the Dojo will be a significant factor in.

‘Currently we are in a phase of acceleration and the BSV ecosystem, we has had a long phase of many announcements, but not enough products,’ he says.

‘I think within the next six months we will see a radical shift. I think we are one of the significant enablers of the growth of the ecosystem and we do that by giving young founders everything that they need to get there.’

The team behind Satoshi Block Dojo is confident that they can create real, viable businesses building applications on the BSV blockchain, with Massey stating that his extensive investor experience lends him full confidence in the viability of launching these start-ups.

‘Blockchain is a fantastic piece of infrastructure that is able to make everything more efficient. But actually, what is sitting on top of that are normal, real businesses that I’m very confident we can create,’ Massey says.

Start-ups interested in signing up for the Satoshi Block Dojo accelerator can do so on the company’s website.