BSV DevCon 2021: Aaron Russell – Chronos Labs

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By Jamie McKane Published: May 14, 2021
Aaron Russell

Bitcoin SV DevCon 2021, running the weekend of May 15-16, 2021, will offer developers a wealth of insight into blockchain development through a series of informative sessions delivered by key players with extensive expertise in the Bitcoin SV ecosystem.

The event will focus on the trends and technical details of software development on Bitcoin SV, the blockchain which aligns most with the vision of Bitcoin in Satoshi Nakamoto’s original white paper. Bitcoin SV scales unbounded and offers ultra-low transaction fees along with a reliable and stable network, making it the ideal choice for blockchain developers.

One of the key speakers at DevCon 2021 is Chronos Labs founder Aaron Russell, who has created myriad tools and products for Bitcoin SV.

Russell built PayPresto, a toolkit that allows simple web wallets to interface with complex transactions – breaking down the barriers to building smart contracts and applications on Bitcoin SV. He is also the man behind TXforge, an open-source transaction builder that allows developers to easily create complex and customisable blockchain transactions.

When he first became interested in blockchain development, Russell had been working as a software and web developer for several years. He was inspired by the potential applications of software running on a public ledger and once he found Bitcoin SV, he began to build at a terrific pace.


A universe of possibilities

Russell’s approach to the development of tools and applications on Bitcoin SV is centred around the idea of building the architecture to turn an exciting and nascent development environment into something that is accessible and easy to build on.

‘Part of this journey that I’ve been on has been about trying to work out the best way of building applications on Bitcoin,’ Russell says.

‘One of the things that interests me a lot is the notion of building interoperable applications and services where you have the blockchain as this single source of truth, and data that lives on the blockchain can be shared in creative ways between different applications.’

Russell adds that the ability to build a network of interoperable applications on a single source of truth, the blockchain, creates the potential for a universe of endless possibilities. His goal is to make this universe more accessible for developers and users through the creation of powerful and helpful tools.

‘What I’m trying to do is build tools that are accessible and promote pragmatic ways of building applications by making the process easier.’

Creating these on Bitcoin SV was an easy choice for Russell – he aims to build scalable and efficient applications, an outcome which is best supported by the low transaction fees and reliability of the Bitcoin SV blockchain.

‘For me, it’s always been painfully obvious that the blockchain must scale – that’s always been crystal clear to me,’ Russell says.

After the scaling debate between BCH and Bitcoin SV and the subsequent hard fork, Russell chose to build on the platform that offered better support for scaleable applications and efficient transaction processing – Bitcoin SV.


New tools on the way

At DevCon 2021, Russell will explain the power and technical of Bitcoin data protocols and their potential for building a wide range of applications.

Developers will be excited to hear that Russell will also reveal new tools he has been working on and demonstrate how they can be used to create interoperable applications, games and services.

‘I’ve got some new code I’m going to be showing which is all about how we serialise data on-chain, how we authenticate it and how we secure it,’ Russell says.

This type of solution aligns with Russell’s vision for a set of tools that make it secure and easy to write and read data on the Bitcoin SV blockchain, making the construction of complex applications based on the public ledger far more accessible.

He also hopes that building tools enabling Bitcoin SV development will foster the growth of blockchain development and attract new talented developers to the ecosystem.

‘If you are looking to get into Bitcoin development, definitely make use of the tools that are out there – there are lots of great starter tools,’ Russell says.

‘If you just read some of the documentation that is available for those, you can start building really simple applications in a day if you’re already familiar with the basics of JavaScript. It’s the really accessible and simple tools that pull in that fresh pool of talent.’

Find out more about Chronos Labs’s new toolset and the possibilities of Bitcoin development by tuning into Bitcoin SV DevCon 2021 from 15:00 – 20:15 CEST on May 15 – 16.

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