BSV DevCon 2021: David Case – FYX Gaming

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By Jamie McKane Published: May 12, 2021
Dave Case

Bitcoin SV DevCon 2021, which kicks off this weekend May 15-16, 2021, will offer Bitcoin developers from around the world the opportunity to learn from pioneers in the blockchain industry and keep up with the latest development trends.

The virtual event is hosted by Bitcoin Association in partnership with nChain and WeAreDevelopers and will focus on the development of applications on the Bitcoin SV network, as well as solutions that make the building of Bitcoin applications more accessible and efficient.

Bitcoin SV is the blockchain most closely aligned with the original vision of Bitcoin as laid out in Satoshi Nakamoto’s original white paper, offering low transaction fees, high throughput, complex data operations and unbounded scaling.

One of the headline speakers at Bitcoin SV DevCon 2021 is David Case, chief architect at FYX Gaming.

FYX Gaming is the company behind CryptoFights – an online multiplayer game where every move made by players is stored on the Bitcoin SV blockchain. Unlike other video games where developers control all of the in-game assets on centralised servers, CryptoFights characters and items are stored as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the Bitcoin SV blockchain and are owned and controlled directly by the players.

The company is also building a software development kit (SDK) to allow developers to integrate their games with the Bitcoin SV blockchain.

Case works on the infrastructure bridging game applications, servers and the blockchain network to get all of the CryptoFights game activity onto Bitcoin SV. This work involves everything from creating authentication mechanisms and UTXO management to integrating game events with blockchain transactions.


From lunch to building on Bitcoin SV

Case was first exposed to Bitcoin when a friend split a lunch bill with him by paying him in the cryptocurrency. He thought nothing of it at the time, but when mainstream interest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies spiked in 2017, he dug up his Bitcoin and began to look more deeply at the world of digital assets and blockchain.

‘I got the bug – I had started obsessing about the stuff,’ says Case.

‘At the time, I had started a company several years earlier that I had pretty much replaced myself out of. My passion wasn’t for that company anymore, it was for blockchain, so I just decided to leave my old company.’

Case went on to devote his energy to blockchain development, starting FYX Gaming with CEO Adam Kling. They began to build CryptoFights on the Ethereum blockchain but quickly ran into scaling and stability problems.

‘We fairly quickly realised Ethereum layer one wasn’t going to work at all for us. So, we spent that whole year researching Ethereum second-layer solutions, payment channels, and all that esoteric stuff,’ says Case.

‘Then in 2018 when the BCH-BSV fork happened, something got me looking into Bitcoin as a development platform, and from there the answer was very, very clear.’

Case explains that once they understood Bitcoin SV’s UTXO model as opposed to an accounts model and the fact that they could essentially infinitely multithread the state of items so operations can progress on their own, it was absolutely clear that Bitcoin SV was the only path forward to building their product.

‘The large transaction sizes and the dedication toward scaling and a stable protocol are the reasons that Bitcoin SV is where we need to be,’ he says.


CryptoFights and FYX Gaming

CryptoFights is one of the most exciting blockchain-based applications under development, offering the unique capability to have every move in every battle recorded to the blockchain with no deficit in user experience.

Case explains that the tokenisation of everything from game characters to weapons and enemies allows players to trade their in-game items directly on the blockchain, outside of CryptoFights. Developers can also build tools that integrate with other video games using the same framework and build interoperability with CryptoFights assets. This could allow players to use items from CryptoFights in a variety of other games or to trade them on external exchanges.

Development on CryptoFights is proceeding at pace, and as FYX Gaming continues to build out functionality and integration with the Bitcoin SV blockchain, it has also been working on an SDK for blockchain game developers.

Case says that the FYX Gaming SDK aims to provide a diverse and accessible toolset for developers interested in creating blockchain-based video games. This includes a feature for users to create their own NFTs which support a ‘meltability functionality’.

‘What we’re working on a lot right now is the fixed platform which the SDK will take advantage of. That includes ways for users to create their own tokens and ways for users to create or to list the whole marketplace around tokens to buy, sell and trade,’ Case says.

‘Separately from what most people are doing with NFTs, our tokens also have a meltability functionality so you can actually back them with Bitcoin.’

This means that user created NFTs can include a pre-defined amount of BSV in their structure, allowing this to be redeemed when the token is ‘melted down’.

Case’s session at Bitcoin DevCon 2021 will touch on cutting-edge technologies in blockchain game development, as well as the use cases for blockchain-based video games and the company’s upcoming SDK for game developers.

Bitcoin SV DevCon 2021 will take place on May 15-16 from 3pm-8:15pm (CEST). It’s free to attend, register now to reserve your place.