BSV DevCon 2021: Rafael Seibane – HandCash

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By Jamie McKane Published: May 10, 2021
bitcoin sv devcon rafa jimenez

Bitcoin SV DevCon 2021 will take place this weekend, May 15-16, giving developers from around the world the opportunity to learn from pioneers in the blockchain industry and keep up with the latest Bitcoin development trends.

The virtual event is hosted by Bitcoin Association in partnership with nChain and WeAreDevelopers and centres around the cutting-edge development of applications on the Bitcoin SV blockchain. Bitcoin SV is the blockchain most closely aligned with the original vision of Bitcoin as laid out in Satoshi Nakamoto’s original white paper, offering low transaction fees, high throughput, complex data operations and unbounded scaling.

HandCash co-founder and CTO Rafael Jimenez Seibane is a key speaker at the event, where he will provide detail on the development of the HandCash wallet and the recently launched HandCash Connect SDK. HandCash is a popular Bitcoin SV wallet that offers simple and fast peer-to-peer payments paired with a range of powerful functionalities, making Bitcoin SV easy to both use and send to others.

Seibane is an experienced software engineer who has worked in the artificial intelligence and app development fields. He nurtured an acute interest in Bitcoin and blockchain throughout his career and in 2017, he began to develop software based on blockchain technology.


A user-friendly Bitcoin SV wallet

When they first dived into Bitcoin development, Seibane and HandCash co-founder Alex Agut immediately recognised the need for an accessible and easy-to-use wallet that was compatible with the many products and services being built on Bitcoin SV.

The idea for HandCash was born out of a Black Mirror episode in which people were able to swipe and send their contact information to others nearby. Seibane and Agut were able to replicate this functionality, and then they set about integrating this level of accessibility into Bitcoin.

‘It was actually in 2017 or 2018 when we started to dig into it from a technical perspective and this is when we started to look at how we could solve different problems,’ Seibane says.

‘At the time we were also users of Bitcoin and we faced several issues that every user at the time had, including the back-ups of private keys. I think everyone knows a friend or someone with Bitcoin that has lost a set of keys.’

‘We came up with a few ideas that we decided to pack into a minimum viable product and of course that took a few months, but we just decided to release it and get some feedback, and that is how we got started.’

When it comes to the decision to build the HandCash wallet and ecosystem on Bitcoin SV, Seibane says the decision was a no-brainer due to the blockchain’s scaling, reliability and support for nanopayments.

He adds that customers want to use a network that supports high transaction throughput and has a reliable system, making Bitcoin SV the best choice.

‘With Bitcoin SV we and its tiny transaction fees – I mean, we are talking an average of $0.00003 – that is what makes it possible,’ Seibane says.

‘The industry that we are building in HandCash is based on nanopayments. So, if you want to send amounts less than $1, you need Bitcoin SV’s tiny fees.’


HandCash Connect and nanopayments

At Bitcoin SV DevCon 2021, Seibane will detail the powerful capabilities of the HandCash Connect SDK and its ability to easily facilitate blockchain payments across applications.

HandCash Connect offers a simple and accessible way for developers to integrate Bitcoin SV payments into their products, whether they are building anything from a video game to a website.

‘The idea behind HandCash Connect is to create an ecosystem with universal money for apps and games,’ Seibane says.

‘We want to offer any company this new kind of money that is universal and allows for nanopayments. The most exciting part of HandCash Connect and these nanopayments is they support business models that were not possible before.’

‘We are not competing with PayPal or any of those other solutions out there because what we are doing is not even possible with them,’ he adds.

Seibane says they are seeing excellent adoption of HandCash Connect, with many prominent Bitcoin SV developers integrating the SDK into their products. The solution makes blockchain development much easier by allowing developers to add BSV payments to their software through simple API calls.

During his session at DevCon 2021, Seibane will show off the powerful capabilities of HandCash Connect and how it can easily integrate with any service. He will also demonstrate how easy it is to add blockchain payments to existing services, which lets developers focus on the solutions they are working on.

‘We want developers focussing on what they do best. I mean, if you’re a game developer, you don’t have to be a game developer and a Bitcoin developer,’ Seibane says.

‘You are a specialist in your niche, and we are the specialists in nanopayments who give you the tools to integrate them into your application.’

Find out more about HandCash and how it is accelerating blockchain development and nanopayment business models during Seibane’s session at Bitcoin SV DevCon 2021.

Bitcoin SV DevCon 2021 will take place on May 15-16 from 3pm-8:15pm (CEST) daily. It’s free to attend, register now to reserve your place.