Stephan Nilsson

Co-founder & CEO, UNISOT

Stephan Nilsson is the founder and CEO of UNISOT; an “Enterprise Blockchain Service Provider” providing Enterprise Turnkey Solutions that solves the Top-10 problems in Global Supply Chains. He has over 20 years experience working with ERP systems integrations. He is also engaged with Ernst & Young Skye, building an Industry Solution in SAP for the seafood industry that provides Global Traceability, Provenance and BDI through the use of Bitcoin SV Blockchain. Stephan is the founder and president of Norway Bitcoin and Blockchain Association, co founder of BITaccel, a Nordic Blockchain Start-up Accelerator and MOB in Oslo Blockchain Cluster. He has been involved in the crypto/blockchain space since 2012 and started integrating SAP with blockchain in 2014.