The year ahead: Steve Shadders in the latest Bitstocks Crypto podcast

Bitstocks CTO, David Arakelian chats with nChain’s Director of Solutions and Engineering, Steve Shadders about the 4 tech pillars behindBitcoin SV (scaling, security, safe instant transactions and stability) and other areas that impacts the Bitcoin SV roadmap.

Some of the main topics discussed:

  • 4:05 Solve the technical problems encountered along the way to achieving the road map
  • 10:43 Security and Quality Assurance and SV code audits
  • 14:50 Scaling limitations in the current software limitation
  • 16:19 External signature validation
  • 17:23 Alternate UTXO data storage
  • 21:00 Language limitations for bitcoin
  • 24:00 Hardware utilisation
  • 35:03 What can we expect from Nchain in 2019
    • Scaling Bitcoin SV
    • Merchant API- Secure instant transaction plan
    • Teranode project
    • Bitcoin Protocol specification
    • Sustainable large blocks