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Bitcoin Association, is the global industry organization that advances Bitcoin SV, a non-profit association (Verein) in Switzerland (Bitcoin Association for BSV, operating as Bitcoin Association). The Association supports Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV) because it is the only project adhering to Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto’s original protocol, design and vision for Bitcoin to become a peer-to-peer electronic cash system and global data ledger for enterprise.

What are the different participation classes for Bitcoin Association?

Bitcoin Association offers three distinct participation classes under its membership structure, each entailing different levels of benefits and involvement, enabling us to support the various needs of our membership in the best and most appropriate manner. As a business association, membership is primarily targeted towards companies and organisations, which is reflected in our membership offerings and classes.

  • Voting Membersintended for companies, organisations and projects that conduct significant business and activity on the Bitcoin SV network, have made significant contributions to the Bitcoin SV ecosystem and/or have demonstrated significant activity within Bitcoin Association. Individuals will be considered in special circumstances. Voting members have the right to vote in our general assembly on high-level decisions of the organisation. They also receive access to all Bitcoin Association events and programmes at the most favourable cost (if any).
  • Non-Voting Membersintended for companies, organisations and projects who conduct or are interested in conducting business and activity on the Bitcoin SV network and/or who have made contributions to the Bitcoin SV ecosystem. Individuals will be considered in special circumstances. Non-voting members do not have the right to vote in the Bitcoin Association general assembly. Non-voting members pay a lower fee than voting members and will receive access (for a fee when charged) to all Bitcoin Association events and programmes. Participation as a non-voting member is a prerequisite to becoming a voting member.
  • Affiliatesintended for anyone who is interested in learning about Bitcoin SV and/or who wants to participate in Bitcoin Association activities. The affiliate class is primarily intended for individuals – including freelance developers, students and professionals who are interested in Bitcoin SV, but who are not affiliated with any company or organisation which is itself a member. Affiliates will not pay any fee for the foreseeable future and will receive invitations (for a fee when charged) to many, but not necessarily all, Bitcoin Association events and programmes.

Participation in all classes requires approval by the Bitcoin Association Executive Committee and is not automatic.

Bitcoin Association requires both voting and non-voting members to pay annual fees. Fees are set at a level comparable to other leading industry organisations and reflect the association’s goal to have its membership as businesses that are actively engaged in Bitcoin commerce.

To encourage early participation, non-voting membership is priced at a 50% discount for 2021.

Bitcoin Association encourages participation by as many companies and individuals as possible, including those unable to pay membership fees. Therefore, its Affiliate class will remain free for the foreseeable future.


CHF 25,000
(start-ups & individuals)

CHF 50,000

CHF 25,000
(start-ups & individuals)

CHF 50,000

CHF 25,000
(start-ups & individuals)


CHF 2,500
(start-ups & individuals)

CHF 10,000

CHF 5,000
(start-ups & individuals)

AFFILIATENo feeNo feeNo fee

*To qualify as a start-up venture for the reduced Membership fee, a company must meet the following criteria: (1) operated as a business for less than 5 years; and (2) raised total of less than 10 million CHF from third-party investment capital + any self-funding.

These are the initial members of the Association – who are all instrumental in the initial development and growth of Bitcoin SV and its ecosystem:

  • nChain – the leading global blockchain technology company;
  • CoinGeek – entrepreneur Calvin Ayre’s multi-faceted Bitcoin mining, media and investment business;
  • TAAL Distributed Information Technologies, Inc. (“TAAL”) – the publicly-traded Canadian company involved in blockchain transaction processing and infrastructure. Stefan Matthews is the Chairman of TAAL. Mr. Matthews, in his individual capacity, was a founding member who helped create the Association; he has since withdrawn as an individual member and TAAL became an initial corporate member in his place.
  • Jimmy Nguyen, in his individual capacity. Mr. Nguyen is a global advocate for Bitcoin SV and the Founding President of the Bitcoin Association.

nChain, CoinGeek, TAAL and Jimmy Nguyen are now the Voting Members of the Association.

GOVERNANCEInvited to attend Association’s annual general meetingXX
Right to vote at Association’s annual general meetingX
Preferred consideration for Association committees (subject to qualification review)XX
EDUCATIONReceive email updates and reports about Association and BSVXXX
Obtain technical advice in “Ask Me Anything” webinars with Bitcoin SV Infrastructure teamXX
Discounts on Bitcoin SV Academy paid courses and certification feesXXX
Early registration access to Bitcoin Association events and programsXXX
Discounts on Bitcoin Association paid events and programsXXX
BUSINESS GROWTHListing as member on BA website or other member directoryXX
Right to use Bitcoin Association member or affiliate identification/badgeXXX
Consideration for speaking on a BA webinar, virtual meetup or event each yearXX
Assistance with press releases and media coverage for your BSV businessXX
Advertising and sponsorship opportunities (at additional cost + subject to review by BA):
– Editorial/PR coverage in BA newsletters
– Promotion through BA online assets: (websites & webinars) : website banners + email promotions
Opportunity to place job postings on BA website job boardXX

To further accelerate the growth of BSV, Bitcoin Association has an ambitious agenda for 2021 and beyond. This includes work to:

  • Support BSV infrastructure projects, such as the Bitcoin SV Infrastructure Team and the BSV Scaling Test Network.
  • Provide industry leadership for standards-setting with the new Bitcoin SV Technical Standards Committee (TSC).
  • Host Bitcoin SV conferences and programmes, such as the Bitcoin for Business event in Tokyo, Japan, October 2019, the BSV China conference in Beijing, China, December 2019 and the March 2020 Bitcoin SV: The Blockchain for Business conference in Ljubljana, Slovenia.
  • Continue to build out developer training resources and programmes all around the world, including Bitcoin SV Academy – the online learning platform offering university-style, academia quality Bitcoin courses free of charge, the Bitcoin SV DevCons – major weekend-long events drawing thousands of participants for workshops and masterclasses on Bitcoin development, in addition to initiatives like the world’s first Bitcoin SV massive open online course (MOOC) created in partnership with Saxion University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands.
  • Support developer bootcamps and workshops, just like the multiple editions of DotCamp for BSV in China, CambrianSV in Bali, Indonesia and Lisbon, Portugal, as well as the Metanet Workshop in Berlin, Germany.
  • Host more BSV Venture Pitch Days following events in Seoul, South Korea and London, United Kingdom to give start-up entrepreneurs the opportunity to pitch to experienced investors for venture capital.
  • Educate enterprises on why Bitcoin SV is the best blockchain for business use.
  • Continue outreach and support to transaction processing (mining) pools, wallets, exchanges and service providers to build the Bitcoin SV business ecosystem.
  • Work with public and government bodies worldwide to develop proactive public policy and advocate for regulation that encourages responsible usage of Bitcoin and blockchain technology.
  • Support meetups and activities of Bitcoin SV supporters in many countries globally.
  • Conduct global media work in multiple languages to educate the finance, technology and business sectors about Bitcoin SV.
  • Partner with universities and student organisations to offer BSV educational programmes and initiatives, including Bitcoin Association’s ongoing sponsorship of the Cambridge University Metanet Society.
  • Provide student support, such as with Bitcoin Association’s Satoshi Nakamoto scholarship, which was most recently awarded to Robin Kohze, a PhD candidate at Cambridge University.

Bitcoin Association’s efforts are truly global. To carry out its work, the organisation has built an international team, including staff from Australia, China, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, Switzerland, the United States and the United Kingdom. They are supported by Bitcoin Association Global Ambassadors in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, China, Germany, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, Netherlands, Panama, Russia and CIS region, the Scandinavia region, Slovenia, South Africa, South Korea, the South Pacific, Spain and the United States.