Satoshi Block Dojo Receives Investment from Ayre Ventures
Satoshi Block Dojo was founded by individuals who together have multiple large business exits totaling over £90 million. As a result, the company has a database of over 3,500 angel investors, 250 family offices and early-stage venture capitals.
PR ayre and mijem
Mijem Inc., having recently amalgamated into Mijem Newcomm Tech Inc. and currently trading on the CSE under ticker MJEM, closed a follow-on investment in its RTO concurrent financing with noted technology entrepreneur Calvin Ayre, founder of venture capital firm Ayre Ventures.
FYX Gaming announces follow-on seed round financing
October 1, 2021
FYX Gaming plans to use capital raised via the current funding round on new hires to grow its infrastructure and boost CryptoFights’ capacity to handle millions of users.
Blarecast Systems announces seed round financing
September 30, 2021
A project that has been over two years in the making, Blarecast harnesses the power of the BSV blockchain—including its efficient micropayments capabilities—to streamline a range of next-generation use cases.

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