Blockchain Hustlers
November 2, 2022
The pilot episode of Blockchain Hustlers features two of Bitcoin SV’s most prolific block transaction producers:Bryan Daugherty and Greg Ward of blockchain distribution channel and product producerSmartLedger. The pair showcase their new cybersecurity toolset, Certihash and demo its breach detection tool, Sentinel Node.
BSV Academy
February 14, 2022
Bitcoin Primitives: Digital Signatures is the latest short course to be released for BSV Academy and forms part of a trio of courses covering the foundational concepts required for developers interested in working with Bitcoin.
Bitcoin Association and Bitcoin SV Devcon Logos
April 12, 2021
The two-day virtual conference, centred on developing applications and services for the Bitcoin SV network, will be held over the weekend of May 15-16 in partnership with WeAreDevelopers and nChain.
Bitcoin Association and Bitcoin SV Academy Logos
March 23, 2021
Introduction to Bitcoin Development, part of the Bitcoin Development stream of Bitcoin SV Academy, is designed to equip application developers with the skills, tools and techniques required to build applications on the Bitcoin SV network.
Bitcoin Associations' BSV Academy
January 8, 2021
Bitcoin Association speaks with Steve Shadders, Technical Director of the Bitcoin SV Infrastructure Team, about the new Bitcoin SV Academy education platform.

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