3rd BSV Hackathon Theme Announced

Alex Speirs 150 x 150
By Alex Speirs Published: June 23, 2020

With less than 24 hours to go until the commencement of the coding round of the 3rd Bitcoin SV Hackathon, the theme for the competition has officially been announced:

‘Connecting the world to one global blockchain’

One of Bitcoin’s most powerful features is being a single, scalable, global. A single record of events, all in a common format, presents opportunities for communication and interoperability which were never before possible – helping to solve one of the greatest remaining challenges for global information systems: integration.

For the 3rd Bitcoin SV Hackathon, entrants are tasked with creating an application that leverages the efficiencies and benefits from data being written to, and accessible from, a single blockchain. The judges are looking for examples of the real world being connected to and utilizing Bitcoin as a common set of record. Examples could include applications that:

  • Break down historic industry data silos.
  • Make it easier for companies in different industries to interact.
  • Improve the ability of businesses, organizations, and consumers to operate across borders.
  • Enable consumers to interact across businesses and organizations in a single way.
  • Improve interaction across governments and between government agencies.

But with Bitcoin SV, anything is possible. With unbounded scaling, the only limit is your ambition!

The 3rd Bitcoin SV Hackathon follows on from the success of the first two iterations held in 2019, but looks a little different this time around. Instead of the coding round being held over a 48-hour period, the third iteration will see the coding period open for almost two months, with final submissions not due until 12 pm GMT on August 18.

Following the virtual competition period, three finalists will be selected by a panel of expert judges. The finalists will present their submission at the CoinGeek New York conference (anticipated to be in New York in October 2020) for final judging. The winner will walk away with a $50,000 prize, with $30,000 for second place and $20,000 for third, all paid in Bitcoin SV.

Entries for the 3rd Bitcoin SV Hackathon are open now. To take part and compete for your share of the $100,000 prize pool, sign up below.