Benefits of participating in the BSV technical standards programme | Technical Standards Committee

August 30, 2022

From newly elected to founding members and contributors of the Technical Standards Committee (TSC) for Bitcoin SV, these six blockchain entrepreneurs consider their contribution to the TSC a worthwhile investment.

BSV Webinar Ep4

In the final episode of our special webinar series focused on #BitcoinSV signature technology, Aaron Zhou details how to use #Bitcoin private keys to sign messages, covering the calculation of the message digest and recoverable ECDSA signature, as well as verification and serialisation.


The episode features Wang Yiqiang, co-founder and CTO of sCrypt, a high-level development language for smart contracts specific to the #BSVblockchain. Wang provides an in-depth introduction to the tools and services available, as well as demo contracts associated with developing #Bitcoin smart contracts using the #sCrypt language.

BSV Webinar with london building on background

Watch technical outreach specialist for China, Aaron Zhou take the second lesson in the series of #BitcoinSV signature technology webinars covering the details of the elliptic curve digital signature algorithm (ECDSA).

BSV Webinar Episode 3

Bitcoin Association presents 'An introduction to sCrypt development tools', the third in our series of Bitcoin SV-focused Chinese-language webinars, hosted by sCrypt CTO Wang Yiqiang.