Enterprise Blockchain Conference Poznań 2022 | Highlights

October 21, 2022

Watch the highlights of the Enterprise Blockchain Conference held in September.

The conference brought together a range of enterprises, startups and experts who are familiar with blockchain technology and have been building projects in this area. However, there were also several attendees who are new to the technology and were eager to understand its potential.

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Bitcoin SV Lead Developer Daniel Connolly talks about the Bitcoin infrastructure, the three main reasons why the Genesis Upgrade is a major step forward for businesses and the Bitcoin SV ecosystem, and Teranode.


In this presentation, nChain Chief Technical Officer Steve Shadders dives into the technical details of the Bitcoin SV and why should enterprises use and build on the Bitcoin SV blockchain.


In their presentation, CREA CEO Roman Puhek and CREA CTO Matej Trampus shared that while there are many blockchain projects out there, they chose Bitcoin SV because of its features that make creating, building and optimizing business processes more efficient.